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Safe Neighborhood (Speech Presentation Sample)


Case Assignment
Note: The Module 2 SLP should be completed before the Module 2 Case.
Prepare an informative speech that would be approximately two minutes (equates to two typed pages) in length. An informative speech is one that aims to inform the audience about a given topic. We were all born in city, township, or country. For this assignment, write a 2-page paper on where you were born, aka your “hometown.” This speech will require research, and a minimum of two references are required. The two references must be included and credited within the speech. Always make an effort to personalize your content and engage your audience. Your hometown has a story to tell, so consider researching demographics, location and historical significance to get you started.
The speech should follow your outline (assigned as the Module 2 SLP) and will be submitted in essay format this first time; it will not be read aloud and submitted in audio or video format.
Assignment Expectations
Create a two-minute informative speech based on the formal outline created in the Module 2 SLP.
I will insert my hometown after you write the speech for me


Safe Neighborhood
I would like to take this grand opportunity to welcome all of us to this venue as we commemorate our heritage. It is an honor to stand before you and share about my hometown as which forms part of my fundamental basis in life today. I believe we all have a story to tell about our hometowns, with a good measure of the good and the bad that makes them. This is our heritage and does not have to be neat and well oiled, but it what has shaped us to what we aspire in live to the values that we hold today.It is an element we cannot escape and it is only healthy and culturally important to embrace out background in light of where we were born.
For all of us at this venue, we all have a place of origin, where we all started out in life. For some of us, it is a place that we remember with fond memories, while for others it is a place where we would love and hope to never talk about (Rollwagen, 2011). Regardless of the memories of what we have, the place we were born plays a major role in what we are today and our value systems are based on. It is the place where we started to experience the world and everything in it, good or bad, the intensities and emotions that are associated with our environment. More often than not, where we were born plays a role in what perceive, feel and basically how we respond to stimuli targeted at us.
Growing up in Washington DC, most of my youth was marred with crime and horrible stories to tell.Every day there would some form violent acts reported on the news. When I was born, the population was roughly 600000 people, a number that has not changed much today with roughly 50000 people added to the sum. The population size however, is not the most interesting thing about my hometown, but the characterist...
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