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How To Be Awesome In Your Daily Life, With Family And Friends (Speech Presentation Sample)


All students must select an interesting, useful and entertainment speech topic with a specific purpose. State your specific purpose, central idea, and main points at the beginning of your outline.
Develop and organize your thoughts into “ introduction, body ( central idea and main points), and conclusion.
Your entertainment speech should contain at least four points. Which you should support with solid evidence or explanation.
1. What devices will you use in the introduction to gain the Audience attention?
2. How are you going to avoid assuming that entertainment speeches are corny?
3. What do you plan on doing to amuse the audience while delivering clear messages?


How To Be Awesome In Your Daily Life, With Family And Friends
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Deep in our hearts, there is always a yearning for companionship and a positive relationship with people we consider our friends and family. This yearning transcends humanity and is evident even among animals both domestic and wild. Dogs like to walk in packs and cheetahs like to hunt in coalitions. Life just wouldn't be the same if we didn't have close friends and family to share our joys and sorrows. In this essay, we will look at simple ways in which anyone can drastically improve their relationship, first with their family and then with their friends. We divide these approaches into two; three measures to improve your relationship with your family and three measures to improve things with friends.
Where would we be without our parents and siblings? How does it feel to grow up as an orphan or without siblings? Few people would even imagine the loneliness involved, therefore here are some steps that would help us appreciate our blood relations. First, spending more time with family strengthens the bond of love. A family is a group of people who share more than blood; they have emotional, social and spiritual bonds. Spending time together strengthens these bonds and makes social moments enjoyable. It could be sharing meals, working together during house chores or just chatting with each other (Dimerman, 2009, Ch8).
Second, practicing forgiveness benefits you and you

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