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Child Sexual Abuse And It’s Effect On The Life (Speech Presentation Sample)


Select an interesting digital media persuasive topic. You need to identify and advocate for a position on an issue with the view to winning your audience over to support your ideas or take action based on what you tell them. Your speech might focus on persuading people on policy issues, social issues or just on any strong beliefs you may have on the topic of your choice.
As you prepare and as you speak to persuade, you must meet your ethical obligations to people who may have a different belief about your topic by steering clear from ad hominem attacks or calling groups or individuals names.
You can preempt and respond to what your opponents might say or believe about the topic at hand, or refute ideas with facts and logical arguments. Make sure you have one central idea around which all your main points are built.
Your main points must be well developed and supported by evidence from your research, which will enhance the persuasive impact of your speech. Creativity is encouraged.
Keep your audience in mind and tailor your speech to them as you prepare and deliver.

1. What is the topic of your speech?
2. What is your specific purpose statement?
3. Is your speech meant to achieve passive agreement or immediate action from your audience?
4. What is your central idea?
5. What is your position on the persuasive speech topic you purposed?
6. State your arguments to clearly show your position on the issue at hand.
7. How do you plan to preempt and address the views of persons opposed to your position on the issue?
8. What is the target audience for your speech? How will you adapt your speech to be persuasive to your target audience? Be specific.
9. How do you establish your credibility in the introduction?
10. What supporting materials do you use in developing each main point? Be specific.
11. What steps have you taken to answer potential objections that your audience may have to your position? Be specific.
12. What method(s) of reinforcing your central idea do you use in the conclusion?


Child Sexual Abuse
Institution Affiliation
Child Sexual Abuse
Specific Purpose: To persuade the public to support the bill advocating for increased sentencing for sexual offenders and public display of information about sexual offenders by law enforcers.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is quite unfortunate that our young ones in society are seen as easy prey for sexual offenses by individuals who live in our midst. Gone are the days when they could walk and play freely and without adult supervision. Well, my ten-year-old neighbor recently fell victim of this heinous atrocity on her way home from school when she was accosted, raped and left for dead. Despite the treatment and counseling, the young girl is still too traumatized to even be left on her own for a few minutes. The truth is these sexual predators are on the loose and unfortunately they live among us as our brothers, sisters, neighbors, and colleagues. Well, today I would like to let you know about the different forms of child sexual abuse, the effects of the offense on the victims and a bill that is proposing for increased sentences for those found guilty.
Ladies and gentlemen, Child sexual abuse has been defined as the participation of a child sexual act aimed toward the physical gratification or the financial profit of the person committing the act (Gallagher, 2001). There are various forms of child sexual abuse and they include requesting or forcing a child to engage in sexual activities, indecent exposure of children private parts, showing a child pornographic material, actual sexual contact with a child, viewing of children private parts and casting a child in pornography. The modern form of sexual abuse is through the digital media which we rarely talk about. A report by the U.S Department of Justice indicates that 13% (1 out of 7) of youths who used the internet reported that they received unwanted sexual solicitations through the internet and 9% of the youths reported that they had been exposed to distressing sexual material while online. Ladies and gentlemen, 27% of the reported sexual abuse case, the solicitors asked the youths to send them their sexual photographs. In 47% of the cases, the sexual predators offered to send the youths money in the relationship building phase while 11% of the teenagers and young adults reported that they have shared their nude photos online. Also, 26% of teenagers and young adults reported that they participated in sexting. Almost 40% of young people in a relationship have experienced any one form of digital sexual abuse. Lastly, 72% of teenagers believe that digital abuse should be addressed in society (US D

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