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Arthur Schmidt: Describe Editing Techniques Or Styles (Speech Presentation Sample)


1. give a short bio (e.g. schooling, influences, etc.)
2. what editing techniques or style did he create(choose a specific scene that stands out to you to show. it is have to worked by Arthur Schmidt and relevant to techniques or style did he create. Just put the RUL of this specific scene)
3. how was he editing difference from other editors during their time period
4. what impact do you think this person made on major audiences and filmmakers?
5. when creating this speech presentation, do not simply copy and paste information from the internet. You must interpret and present your topic from your point of view. Do not just dictate!!!


Arthur Schmidt
Student Name
Institutional Affiliation
Arthur Schmidt
Born in 1937, Arthur Schmidt is an American movie editor with numerous movie credits. Schmidt

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