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Applications of Virtual And Augmented Reality in Educational Tourism (Speech Presentation Sample)


Just write a simple script about VR .
Background to virtual reality 4
Background to augmented reality 4
Background to educational tourism 4
Uses of virtual and augmented reality in educational tourism 5
Critical discussion 4
Areas for future research 2
Conclusion 1
Reference list
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Applications of Virtual And Augmented Reality in Educational Tourism
Institutional Affiliation
Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Educational Tourism
Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is a computer-generated environment that is visible by the human eye in three dimensions, creating a perception of the actual image. Computer software is used to create realistic sounds, pictures, and other human sensations to create a replica of an imaginary or real environment. The technology dates back to the year 1838 when Charles Wheatstone realized that the brain processes and combines two-dimensional images gathered by both eyes independently to produce a three-dimensional image. Based on the knowledge, he invented the stereoscope, which formed the origin of the modern VR technology (Virtual Reality Society, 2016). The virtual realities are achieved by wearing a headset that is equipped with the technology that displays on output devices like computer monitors and projectors. The technology has attracted the interest of many companies with most of them commercializing on the products. The companies include Facebook, Google, WorldViz, Marxent Labs among others.
Augmented Reality
Augmented reality involves the use of modern technology to integrate data and information in the physical environments in real time. Despite the technology appearing to be for the future, its use dates back to the early 1990s, when fighter plane’s heads-up could display information such as the aircraft’s speed, altitude, direction and specific hit targets (Emspak, 2016). The technique appreciates existing situations and overlays new information that include graphics, smell, sounds and haptic feedbacks as an addition. The standard gadgets that contribute to the development of the technology are cell phones and video games. Companies that include Mortar Studios, Infinity AR, and Pandora among others, are the typical producers of AR equipment.
Educational Tourism
Represent tourist activities that are undertaken with education and learning being the core reason for the trip. The concerned parties who are in most cases, students get the opportunity to acquire knowledge through designed tourism programs. Educational travel is an essential aspect of education as it helps children and the young people to develop creativity, make contacts with others, and get to appreciate diverse environments and information gathered. In addit...
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