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Killing Two Birds with One Stone. Speech Presentation (Speech Presentation Sample)


killing two birds with a stone is my personal presentation topic, please write the article summary about your finding of this article and its relationship with another article, be sure to put the two articles to write the summary, understand thoroughly write detail as far as possible, because I need to answer all the questions in the class after my presentation,more detail information please see the material, if you still not understand please contact me. Please finish write as soon as possible because I need to see whether you write a summary of the need to modify, ten days is deadline, your all changes need to finish within these ten days, thank you. NO reference.


Killing Two Birds with One Stone
Author’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Killing Two Birds with One Stone
Research Background
Hiroyuki Itami and Kazumi Nishono, the writers of “killing two birds with one stone” inspired from the 1990’s basic concepts. For that, the writers found out that “Unbundling” was the buzzword in business models which further focuses on bundled and unbundled work. Furthermore, it also used to focus on current and future core invisible assets of a business system. Considering these factors, the researchers continued to present the resources and factors related to business systems. Additionally, David, who is the writer of “business models, strategy and innovation” and a PhD in Economics, has increased the significance of business models and strategy for the business strategists and industrial organizations by linking it to organizational economics and public policy.

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