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Demonstration Speech: Show The Audience How To Do Something (Speech Presentation Sample)


The nature of the demonstration speech is to show the audience how to do something. You'll want to be more creative for this presentation, as visual aids will add tremendous value to your delivery.


Demonstration Speech
Demonstration Speech
Afternoon everyone, today I want us to look at one of the most basic skills for every driver. It is however, as you are going to realize one of the skills that most drivers do not have is changing a flat tire. How many in this group have had the chance to change a tire? Two out fifteen is a good show of the lack in the basic skill (Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, 2017).
Not to worry though, by the end of this short session we are all going to be masters at this and we no longer have to worry about flats when on that road trip, we all yearn to take when we are certified as drivers (Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, 2017).
First step to changing a tire is to make sure we have all the tools for the same. The basic rule is that we should have a spare tire. If you come around to the back of the car I will show you. As you can see when I lift the flat bed in the boot, a spare tire is secured here ("Demonstration Speech Topic Selection", 2017). Different cars manufacturers have varying standards. The other item is what I am holding in my left hand, a jack and a lug wrench on my right hand.
The second set of steps includes, after finding a safe location, turning on the hazard, apply the parking brake using the correct procedure learnt in class (Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, 2017). Remove the wheel cap if any and then place the lug wrench like this and loosen the nuts on the wheel to be changed at about quarter to half a turn (The Writing Center, 2017).
Then place the jack properly under the car chassis. Note that I first of all check that the head of the jack is aligned with the frame before proceeding (Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, 2017). When the car is raised high enough unscrew the lugs and remove the tire. Then mount the spare tire and screw back the lugs and tighten them. Now lower the car as follows. After which, you now tighten the lugs by pushing the wrench using full weight of your body like this, taking care not to slip and hurt yourself (Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, 2017). Tow all t...
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