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Assessment 2. Business & Marketing. Speech Presentation (Speech Presentation Sample)


Assessment 2 is write about the same topic, which is topic 2: The rise and role of China – Analyse the implications of China’s rise for Africa or the Pacific Islands.
Each student takes responsibility for one 5 minute presentation along with a written script. For the purposes of this presentation, you must identify their selected reading/s from the allocated topic area. In the presentation, you will present a very brief summary of the key points of your analysis and an outline of the relevance of the content to the topic area.
• Please carefully proofread your work and follow APA 7th style of referencing.
Please read the courseware, assessment requirements detail and scoring criteria carefully. Please contact me if you have any questions.


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It is evident since the turn of the 21st century that China has established itself as the hub or rather the pinnacle of the global supply chain. The growth is a significant improvement from the anguish and suffering that characterized the Asian nation during the 20th century. The GDP has risen from $89 in 1960 to roughly $10,000 today. Some of the factors that explain China’s rise as an economic powerhouse include labor supply, favorable political system/ strong leadership, free market economics, inclination towards exports, private enterprises, economic diversification, raw materials, population growth and globalization. Additionally and most importantly, China’s rise as one of the global economic power houses has been fostered by its extensive venture in Africa. 

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