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Presentation About art Education (Speech Presentation Sample)


This presentation is for an Art Education course.
Prepare and present a 15 minutes oral presentation on a topic: Multiculaturalism in art education.
Based on primary (observations and teaching at your practicum) and secondary sources (reading,research). The presentation will demonstrate your knowledge of a topic,ability to connect the knowledge to your practicum, ability to analyze and synthesize, clear evidence of critical thinking. 
Start your presentation by explaining why you have selected your topic. Your presentation should clearly demonstrate that you have done significant research and reflection on your topic. Use some pictures or videos in your presentation, and explain why you want to use that picture/video to demonstrate your point. 


Multiculturalism in Art Education
Instructor’s Name:
Specific purpose: To enlighten the audience on multiculturalism in art education
* Attention Getter: What are the impacts of multiculturalism and art education on artisans?
* Audience relevance:
This is a presentation about multiculturalism in art education. The reason why I choose this topic of Multiculturalism in this art class is for us to stop for a second and think of our past, of our father’s time, grandfathers and the great fathers before us. Many years ago, multiculturalism was seen as the embrace of wide-ranging and diverse society and the answer to countries’ social problems. Before we go around binning some cultural activities or imitate some, we should ask our self some questions first. Is it right for us to copy that which is sacred or traditional in others? Is copying really flattery? That role do we artisan display when imitating? What is your role has an artisan in today world? Do you know you cultural activities? Should we just imitate someone’s work or create our own? Studying multiculturalism in art I believe will install the lost respect of other people his believes, taboos and culture in the field of art education CITATION Cop07 \l 1033 (Cope, 2007).
* Credibility:
I support originality in our work, when we become original, we will not fade away and we will not ask for repaints. There are many ways of teaching with integrity and carrying out art without trying to close roads with multicultural activities of other individuals. As an art student, I must always familiarize myself with the other student.
* Thesis Statement: I feel very humbled to stand here and present to you the correlation of multiculturalism and art education.
Transition: we will learn why it is important to keep originality and apprehend the original work to the owner.
Body of speech
Totem Poles Tell of Human Wealth and the Power of Animal Spirits (above).
For example, consider the Northwest Native American Totem Pole maker case, as a student; I must appreciate the role of Totem pole. The pole represents the identity symbol for the family or tribe it stands for. Therefore, a respective artisan respects and appreciates the Totem pole and should tell the spiritual stories about the tribe, its interdependence on nature, wildlife and the relation to with their ancestors. If you happen to know the artist his intention, then you should bring it out and should be reflected to motivate his work while keeping the culture.
The totem poles courier prestigious clans midst the Indians of Northwest Coast North America. The Haida Indians of Northwest had abundant food and thus they did not have to farm for their survival. They instead travelled to trade their surplus products with other clans and communities to increase their wealth. They spent their wealth on building nice homes and holding potlatches feasts which were meant to advertise how much they have...
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