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STORM Analysis Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


505: Research Proposal Instructions 01


Based on the course readings, course presentations, and your chosen policy interest for the course, you will provide 4 items for your proposed policy research. For these assignments, you will choose either a qualitative or quantitative framework, and you will keep this framework throughout the course.


In your Annotated Bibliography, you were encouraged to consider the sections of your articles suggesting areas for further research. It is important for researchers to conduct research that has not already been done; thus it is highly recommended, for this project, to rely on 1 of these sections to guide you to your proposed study.


Now that you have chosen a research topic for this course (based on your policy interest, Annotated Bibliography, and the further research suggestions in your articles), you will start to create a research proposal. For this forum, you will describe the following sections of your research proposal. The section headings (in BOLD) must be included in your paper. THERE IS 3 PARTS TO THIS ASSIGNMENT –Provide answers in detail to all areas in BOLD.


Policy Research Topic: Minimum Wage


I will provide 10 articles on minimum wage for you to read in order to complete this research proposal. Also I will provide files and websites to guide you on this research proposal, so that you will write the research proposal correctly and according to what this instructions says, and what I ask.


You are to stick with a Qualitative Research Design – For files and websites to guide you, ONLY concentrate on the Qualitative sections to help you write this research proposal from that (qualitative) perspective.


For all 3 parts, it should fit in 4-FULL pages – Remember, to provide in-depth detail on each section.


PART 1 (In Part 1, you must provide in-depth detail for required BOLD sections below)


STORM Analysis (look at PDF file “STORM Analysis for some for help; remember, topic is on minimum wage – Stick to the topic):


What are the Societal, Technical, Organizational, Regulatory, and Market contexts of your research? (Refer back to your Module/Week 1 course readings as needed.)


Research Questions:


Based off this knowledge (STORM Analysis above) you will then create an “actual” research question, hypothesis and alternative hypothesis. Research questions MUST BE NEW that will be interesting to study. Remember, research questions must be based off the STORM Analysis of the 10 journal articles I provided.


Research Design:


What is your chosen research design for this research proposal?


Why have you chosen this design over another design?


Basically, once you have your research question, you will be able to identify your research design. Is it qualitative or quantitative? Ok, then if it’s qualitative what type of design will it be? In this case, it is a qualitative research design. Type of Design: Phenomenology, Grounded Theory, Ethnography, or Case Study. Why did you choose this specific design (approach) over other designs?


Significance of the Study:


Why is this study important?



PART 2 (In Part 2, you must provide in-depth detail for required BOLD sections below)


For this forum, you will continue to build on the foundation for your Policy Research Proposal PowerPoint. Based on the course readings, course presentations, and your chosen policy interest for the course, you will provide the following for your proposed policy research. Use one of the provided templates, which have been adapted from Creswell (2007), as the basis for your purpose statement (as you can see below I have chosen a Qualitative Template).


Purpose Statement:

Qualitative Template


The purpose of this _________ (phenomenological, grounded theory, ethnographic, case) study is to _______________ (understand? describe? develop? discover?) the _____________ (central phenomenon of the study) for _____________ (the participants) at __________ (the site). At this stage in the research, ___________ (central phenomenon) will be generally defined as ________________ (a general definition of the central concept).



Problem Statement:






Ethical Considerations:



PART 3 (In Part 3, you must provide in-depth detail for required BOLD sections below)


For this forum, you will continue to build on the foundation for your Policy Research Proposal PowerPoint. Based on the course readings, course presentations, and your chosen policy interest for the course, you will provide the following for your proposed policy research.


Data Collection Methods:


Data Analysis Methods:





***Research Proposal Should Be In This Order AND In BOLD:

STORM Analysis

Research Questions

Research Design

Significance of the Study

Purpose Statement

Problem Statement



Ethical Considerations

Data Collection Methods

Data Analysis Methods



I am not looking for an abstract, introduction, literature review, etc. EXCEPT for what is in BOLD, listed above.



Websites to Guide and Help You:

  1. This website gives examples of research proposals on many different topics and fields and on how to write them correctly: https://www(dot)bcps(dot)org/offices/lis/researchcourse/develop_write_sample.html
  2. These websites will help toward the Qualitative Research: http://masscommtheory(dot)com/2011/05/05/writing-good-qualitative-research-questions/








http://www(dot)slideshare(dot)net/tejaswinikotian/creswell-research-design (this website is very helpful with the qualitative research aspects – I suggest taking the time to review this slideshow before writing the research proposal – It goes over all sections in BOLD above)



These websites above will help and give guidelines for each section in BOLD above. Below are files that will be in the “Additional Files” area to also help with sections, such as Problem Statement, Ethical Considerations, and other sections that are also mentioned above in BOLD.


There is a total of 6 websites (above), 5 word document files, and 1 PDF (STORM Analysis) file to help and guide you to complete this assignment in the “Additional Files” area.


The PDF files on the topic Minimum Wage will also be in the “Additional Files” area for you to read and be acquainted with the topic and articles chosen.



NOTE: This whole research proposal must be based off the 10 PDF journal articles I provided in the “Additional Files” area.


The sources in the order refers to the 10 PDF journal articles – ONLY cite the source if you use it. If not, then do not cite it or include it in the bibliography. 10 sources is just a general number for this assignment.


Also review the grading rubric to make sure you are writing the research proposal correctly in order to receive 50 points, a grade of A.

Research Proposal
Course title:
Research Proposal
Part 1
STORM Analysis
The Societal, Technical, Organizational, Regulatory, and Market contexts for my research are as follows:
Societal context: the state and federal minimum wages have an effect on people’s welfare and poverty in communities in different geographical areas across the states. Technological context: minimum wages have an influence on work practices of low-wage workers. Organizational Context: the minimum wage may influence organizations since organizations may be forced to employ fewer people or relocate to a state where the minimum is lower so that they can maximum profit. This may result in unemployment. Regulatory Context: the federal and state governments set minimum wages with the intentions of reducing poverty rates and improves people’s welfare. Market context: if the minimum wage is increased, economic incentives may encourage companies to hire more minimum wage workers than if there is no minimum wage.
Research question
For this paper, the research question is as follows:
What is the impact of minimum wage increases on the welfare of low-wage workers at day cares?
In what ways does minimum wage increases improve the welfare of day care teachers at daycares?
How does minimum wage increases negatively affect the living standards of day care teachers at daycares?
Research Design
The chosen research design is qualitative research. Qualitative research methodology is basically a systematic approach used in describing life experiences as well as to give meaning to them. Qualitative research methodology was chosen over other designs because since unlike other designs, it can be used to gain insight and to examine the complexity, richness, and depth that is inherent in the phenomenon, which in this case is minimum wage. The specific type of design that would be employed is Grounded Theory, whose purpose is essentially theory development. In essence, this research design is used over other designs since it will help to explore the subject matter in an in-depth manner to find answer to the central research question and the two sub-questions; it will help to learn exactly how increasing the minimum wages can affect the welfare of low-wage day care teachers in day cares. That is, do minimum wage increases always improve the welfare of daycare workers or it does not? Since this study employs grounded theory design, theoretical model or framework is not applied.
Significance of the Study
This study is important since it will demonstrate whether or not minimum wage increases always improve the welfare of daycare teachers; no such study has ever been conducted with that population. This study matters a lot to me since I come from a very small town in which most workers are paid the minimum wage and most of them are actually poor. As such, this study will allow me to find out whether the welfare of these workers can or cannot be improved by a minimum wage increase, and how such as an increase can impact living standards in communities. The findings affect policy in that policymakers at state and federal levels will use the findings to establish whether minimum wage increases will help to improve the welfare of poor workers, and therefore whether the increases would be effective or not. The weakness of this study is that it involves few participants – only 51 – hence the generalizability of the findings is limited. As such, future research on this subject matter should seek to use more participants. This weakness is not addressed mainly due to cost purposes; having many participants would make the research more costly and cumbersome to carry out. The study will have external validity since it would be possible to generalize the findings to other peopl...
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