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How did the USA help throw out Iran shah in 1979 and helped Khomeni? (Research Proposal Sample)


Hello please write a a research proposal for me and I will request you (as a preferred writer) to write the research paper later on. 
TOPIC: How did the USA help throw out Iran shah in 1979 and helped Khomeni?
please follow the specific directions below for the proposal. the Links at the very end not to be used as the only sources for the research
The Proposal:
A research proposal helps a writer narrow a topic to form a research question and/or working thesis. It will help you express your research questions, explain why it is important, discuss your methodology and begin identifying sources. 
Remember, the final research is not a cut and paste job using MLA style – it is a synthesis of your research and critical thinking about your fully and clearly articulated research questions and thesis statement.
1.A Working Title of Your Paper: Give it an interesting title that suggests the topic and attracts your reader – do NOT use a title like “Research Paper” or “Global Warming” – these are NOT interesting – this is only a working title, you will probably need to change it once the paper has been completed
2.Research Questions: State a series of questions that you have about your topic before you start to research or during the early stages of your preliminary research. These questions should not be simple factual questions (like what is the capital of Peru?). You will probably find as the research progresses that you are able to answer these initial questions in just a few sentences. But as you explore your topic and begin to analyze information that you have gathered, you will find yourself asking more complex questions of your topic and your material. 4-6 questions.
3.Working Thesis: Although this is only a working thesis (and will change as you refine your research and analysis) it should contain a clear focus for your argument and a “so what” component.
4.Background: Explain your interest in this particular topic. Describe any previous research completed on this topic. Then provide a condensed summary of the topic history, controversies, and current situation (including counter arguments) – this will help ensure that you have an “arguable” thesis, that you understand the scope of your topic, and will help you strengthen your own argument. Approximately 2 paragraphs
5.Significance: Explain why your research question(s) are worth answering. What do you hope to learn? What new knowledge might your research give to your critical reader, classmates and instructor? What new perspective might you bring to the topic?
6.Methodology: Explain how you will conduct your research in as much detail as possible. 
a.Keywords: list as many keywords associated with your topic as you can
b.Library Research: Scholarly journal articles from databases, etc. 
c.Internet Research: Search engines & subject guides; government, organizational, or commercial websites; online newspapers or magazines; blogs, etc.
d.Field Research: interviews and/or surveys. Explain what role they will serve and how you hope they will enhance your knowledge.
USEFUL LINKS not to be used as the only sources for the research.


The role of the US in fall of the Shah and rise of Khomeini to power

Background of the study

The 1979 Iranian Revolution was aimed at replacing a dictatorial monarchy with a republic based on the guardianship of the Islamic jurists. According to Gasiorowski, the common Iranian people perceived the Shah as a tool of the United States (21). Therefore, part of the revolution was against the westernization and secularization that the Shah allowed to prevail in Iran. As a result, it is intriguing to note that the US that Khomeini explicitly referred to as the “greatest Satan” put him into power.

On the other hand, it is important to note that at the time of the revolution, the US had great investments in Iran. In one of their articles, BBC media notes that the White House feared an Iranian civil war could have major implications for US strategic interests. In contrast, Arutz Sheva of Israel reported that Khomeini successfully convinced the US presidents to ask the Iranian military to stand down and allow the uprising to succeed.

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