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Philosophy-Rousseau in education. Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


Students will be required to turn in a 1-2 page final paper proposal. This proposal must include: 1) a list of questions that the student intends to address in his or her final paper (no more than three questions total), 2) a thesis statement or statements (explaining the position that the student intends to take on each of his or her questions), and 3) a list of some of the textual details (including page numbers) that the student intends to address in his or her paper.


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November 24, 2020
Research Proposal – Rousseau’s theory of Education
Rousseau’s theory of Education is perhaps one of the most exciting views about how the educational system should be set up. Contrary to the standard setup of educational systems today, Rousseau proposed that children must not be barred by the constraints of society and required to follow a monolithic curriculum but rather given the opportunities for self-expression. Thus, in this article, I would like to look at how his works and ideas could be used to implement improvements in the educational system that we have today. This includes the different questions that should be asked as well as some textual evidence from his works. All in all, I believe that the current educational system is exact of opposite of what Rousseau has envisioned and that it would be better if changes could be made by creating a more dynamic way to teach and evaluate students.

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