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Positive And Negative Effects Of Marijuana Legalization (Research Proposal Sample)


You need to write about Marijuana Legalization.


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Marijuana Legalization
For a long time, the debate around the legalization of marijuana has been on the rise with several researchers and policymakers giving different perspectives on both positive and negative effects of legalization of marijuana. According to a survey carried out by Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), it shows that a law regarding marijuana legalization has gained more support from the public with the majority feeling that it should be removed from the criminal justice system. The proponents of this view argue that marijuana, just like tobacco and alcohol, should be legalized, taxed and regulated for the adults. States like Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana (Rich & Alexender 3). Several advantages have been realized since the legalization on the use of marijuana in these states including but not limited to the revenue collected through taxation of the sale of marijuana.
Although Marijuana remains under the federal law and international treaties there is increased demand for change (Ghosh n.p). Its legalization in the Vermont state, private business entities has commercialized its sale for recreation purposes in return creating business opportunities, employment and profits in return. There are laws that regulate the sales volume, an age of personnel allowed to buy, its packaging and the taxes to be levied on the product. Also, the DPA study suggested that the government should carry out a monopoly for its production and sale as this would help eliminate it from the black markets and hence producing the best for the public health. This monopoly would help in regulating prices and who purchases it, also the prices will hike hence a majority of the youth who are users would not afford it, hence decline in its levels of use.
Although there are no documented deaths that have resulted from the overdose of marijuana it does not suggest it is harmless. The main risk of marijuana is losing control of its intake levels (Grim n.p). The perception that marijuana is harmless has caused many users to abuse it leading to misuse and addiction. Majority of the smokers have developed the habit of using marijuana due to the perception that it is harmless. Studies carried out on the side effect of marijuana use have shown that it may cause respiratory problems, accidents, and psychosis. Although marijuana does not lead to cancer, like the use of tobac

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