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Local Community of Nevada (Research Proposal Sample)


The proposal must:
1. Provide a researched and complete explanation of the problem in the local community of Nevada.
2. Provide solution to address the problem.
3. Persuade readers that the solution will be effective using researched information and data.
4. Describe the process of implementing the solutions.
5. Effectively address its target audience, namely the people you are calling to action.
6. Use convention and features of the proposal genre.
7. Why state of Nevada is the lowest rank in education system.

Nevada is a state in the south and western side of the United States. Most of the people in Nevada are located in the Clark County which comprises of three cities among them is the Las Vegas city. Nevada has been known for the existence of silver, which has been a major boost to their sagging economy in the past. Nevada is also among the least populated states in the US and also among the states where prostitution is legal expect in the Clark County. The state has been experiencing problems among them is poor education system that has made the state to be ranked least in terms of education in the United States of America. Education is very important in any city as it leads to improvement of the economy, this is because institutions get to produce quality human capital through the skills and knowledge that are provided to students in higher learning.
Although the state has been ranked poor in education it has also tried to diversify on their education system as they are investing on institutions of higher learning among them universities and colleges. The state has a handful number of schools. Other issues like prostitution among others are a major challenge to the education of the state. With poor education system Nevada will go slow on development. In this paper I am going to discuss on the problems that are facing the state of Nevada and the possible solutions that they can implement.
It is very important to research on the problem of education in Nevada, since education is one of the best investments that a nation can invest in. secondly knowledge is power especially when the skills of the students are improved through enhancement in education. If the education system of Nevada is improved, as a result they will also produce qualified graduates in the job market hence will boost the economy of the state.
Possible solutions
The problem of education in Nevada is as a result of other associated problems that the state is experiencing. According to my research, the education problem in Nevada will come to an end, if only the state looks upon the other issues that affect the society. These are some of the solutions to this problem.
The board of higher learning in collaboration with the government of Nevada should come together in order to increase on the number of universities and colleges (Smart, 307). This will ensure that students access the education easily and hence it will also increase the number of students in the institutions also (Kant, 200). The government of Nevada should also grant free education in the primary and secondary level. Making the primary education and secondary education free will also increase the number of students in schools.
The state should not only invest in the formal education but also should also invest in practical areas where weak students will be able sharpen on their skills. Hence this will give a chance to those who might feel that the education system is hard for them. If this solution is implemented the community will be rich in both the formal and informal education, hence there will be graduates and other skilled workers.
The state should also look on the issue of prostitution as it lags behind the cities that have legalized it. Prostitution has led to the drop out of many young children from school hence reducing the number of students in schools. If the government bans prostitution in this regions people will seek alternative measures like education in order to improve on their welfare in the society.
The government of Nevad...
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