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Privacy In Online Social Networking: Social Network Users Perception (Research Proposal Sample)


Project Title: Privacy in online social networking: social network users perception
- compare privacy in different social networks
- how governments are tackling illegal social network activities
- do users think the social network providers are protecting their privacy and data
- do users feel safe to use online social networks
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Date: 20 February 2017
Objectives of the Study
The main objective of this study is to measure the perception of social media users with regards to their safety and privacy in using different social media platforms. This also includes the preventive methods that they employ to ensure their safety and privacy. More particularly, this assessment would be done using mixed methods such as questionnaires, surveys, etc. By doing this, the author of this paper believes that this could add to the existing pool of knowledge that could be further used for succeeding researches about the importance of “safe and secure” social media usage.
Privacy in Online Social Networking
Perception of Social Network users
It is no doubt that because of humanity’s knack for innovation, our world today have become much wider, and the lives of every individual more interconnected with one another. To date, it is estimated that there are about 3.17 billion users of the internet, while 2.3 billion of this are “active social media users.” Adding to this, it is also estimated that for every day that passes by, about "1 million more active social media users" are being added to this population (Smith, 2016). Being aware of this fact, it is not surprising how many entities/parties have recognized and battled against these potential dangers that every user faces, especially in terms of their privacy and safety.
Nonetheless, it could still be argued that this battle is a long way from over. Up to these dates, numerous individuals are still being terrorized by “Identity thieves, scam artists, debt collectors, stalkers, and [even] corporations” by using their own information for their own advantage and at the expense of the individual (Pipes, 2010). However, the threat does not end here. In a survey done in 2006 at Princeton University, it is estimated that “One in every 20 teenagers include their full name, their photo, the name of their school and the name of the...
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