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Forest Fire Ecology: Effects of fire on the Pine forests and the Canarian Lizards in Tenerife (Canary Islands) (Research Proposal Sample)

We are going to Tenerife for a research project about fire ecology so we have been ask to write a research proposal. Topic is Fire Ecology. I will need a scientific title 25words maximum, Title of press release 15words, scientific abstract 150words maximum, Press release 100words, background/justification/aim/objectives 500words, field methods including justification of the methods used 500words, field logistics, timetable and risk assessment for the field activities and how those risks can be minimised 250words, and finally 12 references thanks. Below is the template of what is to be done: 6F5Z3008 Assignment 1: Project proposal (Please word process, use Arial font size 11 and expand the boxes accordingly, within the word limits) Student name: Emmanuel B. Dankwa Project Title Fire Ecology Titles (10%) Scientific title of your project (max. 25words) Title of Press release (max. 15 words) Summaries (10%) Scientific abstract (max. 150 words) Press release (max. 100 words) Background/Justification and aim/objectives – max. 500 words (20%) Background/justification: Aim: To achieve this aim, we have the following objectives: Field methods (including justification of methods used) – max. 500 words (20%) Field logistics, timetable, and risk assessment for field activities – max. 250 words (10%) Timetable and logistics Risk assessment Risks identified 1. 2. 3. etc How these risks will be minimised 1. 2. 3. etc Reference list - containing at least 12 references (10%) e.g. (follow this format or one from a relevant journal) Garcia, J.D.D., Arevalo, J.R. & Fernandez-Palacios, J.M. (2007). Road edge effect on the abundance of the lizard Gallotia galloti (Sauria : Lacertidae) in two Canary Islands forests. Biodiversity & Conservation 16: 2949-2963. source..
Press release: Effects of fire on the Pine forests and the Canarian Lizards in Tenerife (Canary Islands)
by Emmanuel B. Dankwa

Wild fires and man made fires have increasingly ravaged Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Consequently, there are increased efforts towards improving conservation and minimizing the negative effects on the ecology. Even though, fire affects the flora and fauna of the island, and especially the pine forests, there are few studies which attempt to link the level of fire severity and the population of the Canarian lizard. Pinus Canariensis, the natural growing pine trees in the region are useful in carrying out the research and in understanding the impact of fires on the environment. To conduct the study, data will be collected in Tenerife in an area divided into 10 plots of five hectares each. To avoid bias in the research, the study aims to pick the plots in random, but the chosen plots should represent low s moderate and high fire severity, with the study also identifying and mitigating risks. Press release Following the recent spate of fires in the Canary Islands, there is need for coordinated efforts towards conserving the pine forests in Tenerife. Similarly, there is a need to look into the effects of fires on both vertebrates and invertebrates in the island. Consequently, a study will be conducted to understand the link between forest fires and the Canary island lizards. Scientists state that high severity fires to have more negative impact on the habitat, and the study will also focus on this relation. Ultimately, all the areas under investigation will have been affected by the fire of 2012.
Background/Justification and aim/objectives – max. 500 words (20%) Background/justification:
Wild fires have long been a cause of concern to governments and environmentalists, and although the Canary Islands has experienced wild fires over time, man- made fires are now common more than ever before. Furthermore ecological sustainability of forests in Tenerife depends on information and understanding the changes in nutrient composition in plants, carbon cycling, plant and animal adaptation to forest fires. Even though, fires destroy natural environments, there are benefits as there are reduced incidences of soil erosion and soils get enriched with nutrients upon burning of living tissues (Notario et al., 2004, p.1). Nonetheless, fire reduces vegetation cover and may therefore precipitate sustenance of stronger wildfire. Even though, wild fires may be natural causes of environmental degradation they also affect the quality of soils depending on bum severity (Verma & Jayakumar, 2012, p.169).
The effects of fires on forest ecology have also received renewed interest because of their harmful impact on the economic front and loss of life. In most cases, climate determines the prev...
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