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Challenges Facing the Quality and Accreditation in Rural Hospitals in Saudi Arabia and Solutions (Research Proposal Sample)


I'm planning to undertake Phd course and would like to make my proposal to get an offer from UK. The topic that I'm interested in is:
Health Management
"The challenges facing the quality and accreditation in rural hospitals in Saudi Arabia and solutions"
Some questions that I want to cover including but is not limited to;
1- Why the policies and procedures in some hospitals is not applied?
2- Are current policies and procedures applied effective?
3- What are the solutions for the application of policies, procedures and work on them effectively?
In short
Saudi Arabia adopted the application of policies and procedures in late. The Ministry of Health has become bound to activate the implementation of policies and procedures and then get the accreditation by accreditation centers locally and internationally. In fact, specialized and big hospitals succeeded in the application of those policies, but rural hospitals fails due to the weakness of facilities and resources. The solution is unfortunate that the small hospitals has poor policies and procedures and its not effective. it just made policies to get the accreditation. 
Some hospitals adopted by local Accreditation Centre, despite the lack of effective implementation of policies and procedures
some resources that you can ust to get idea;

Research Proposal
Course title:
Topic: Challenges facing the quality and accreditation in rural hospitals in Saudi Arabia and solutions
Topic Area
This research study seeks to explore the challenges that face the quality and accreditation in rural hospitals in Saudi Arabia and to identify the appropriate solutions to these challenges. All over the globe, countries are dependent on healthcare accreditation in ensuring that the health care services which they provide are not just safe, but also free from any medical errors. The criteria for accreditation are derived from best practices in prominent medical communities worldwide as documented by professional associations, experts as well as the findings of scientific researches (Greenfield, Pawsey & Braithwaite, 2011). In Saudi Arabia, a number of Ministry of Health hospitals have obtained the accreditation of the Joint Commission International (JCI). The vast majority of these accredited hospitals are situated in cities especially Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Taif, Makkah, and Unaizah. However, the accreditation of hospitals in rural hospitals has not had as much success.
Research Question
Why are the procedures and policies in some hospitals not applied?
Are the procedures and policies currently being applied effective?
What are the solutions for the application of policies and procedures to work effectively?
Significance of Research
Just like many other countries around the globe, Saudi Arabia has adopted policies and procedures stipulated by accreditation bodies such as the Joint Commission International for health facilities accreditation. Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health (MOH) has become bound to instigate the implementation of those procedures and policies in health care facilities across the country so that they can be accredited. Large and specialized hospitals have effectively applied those procedures and policies and received accreditation. Some of them include King Fahad Hospital in Jeddah, King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh, Ajyad Emergency Hospital in Makkah, King Saud Hospital in Unaizah, King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital in Riyadh and Heraa General Hospital in Makkah (Joint Commission International, 2015). Even so, hospitals in the rural areas have not succeeded in applying those procedures and policies, and have not been accredited. This research is significant since it will shed light with regard to why rural hospitals have been unable to effectively apply these procedures and policies in their facilities.
Many hospitals in the rural parts of Saudi Arabia have poor facilities and are without an adequate amount of resources (Alkhenizan & Shaw, 2010). The research will examine whether this hinders them from effectively applying those procedures and policies. Unlike those big adequately funded hospitals in the cities, hospitals in rural Saudi Arabia have not made major improvements and have not effectively adopted the specifications, standards and measures that satisfy the internationally conceded health care requirements (Ministry of Health, 2012).
Background / Literature Review
The government of Saudi Arabia has undertaken various positive steps so as to improve health care services countrywide. This Arab nation has focused on improving the quality of systems in the country’s healthcare sector since the 1970s. There has been a growing interest in accreditation programs in the last few years particularly in developing nations, and Saudi Arabia is among the few Arab nations which have executed accreditation (Almasabi, 2013). The Central Board of Accreditation for Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI) was established in the year 2005 its purpose being to recognize private as well as public health services provisions. Nonetheless, just a few hospitals have been accr...
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