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The Impact of Religious Tourism on Mecca Economy in Saudi Arabia (Research Proposal Sample)


I already choose a topic and so far those are the aims and objectives
The aims and objectives of this research are as follows:
1. To investigate the impact that religious tourism has had on the economy of Mecca including the impact to the local community in Mecca.
2. To examine what the government of Saudi Arabia is doing to improve religious tourism in Mecca. 
so you can still add on it and then if it was a successful i will continue it as a dissertation .. and the teacher will give me feed back and of course you guys will need to re-write the part which the teacher says it need to be fixed.. 
And of course a proposal needs 
Aims and objectives
Literature review
Research Approach
Methods of data collection
Type of data
Type of sampling
And some other things


The Impact of Religious Tourism on Mecca Economy in Saudi Arabia
Mecca, a holy land for the Muslims in Saudi Arabia is believed to be home to Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Mohammed’s place of birth is believed to be in Mecca. This is the same place where Muslims allege he was also descended upon by the Holy Quran in the propagation of Islam. In the dogmas of the Muslim, this land is believed to be the holiest and today has become a historical monument. The economic status of this city greatly depends on the influx of large numbers of pilgrims visiting the site every year, with hotels accommodating, feeding and transporting guests (Berkey, 2003). Muslims from all walks of life travel to Mecca to visit this monument to perform Umrah and Hajj each year.
As the centre of the Islamic world, Mecca only accommodates the Muslim's faithful. Non-Muslims are always forbidden from entering Mecca anytime of the year since such travels are only meant for the Muslims. Millions of Muslim guests come to Mecca from all over the globe thus making it the largest pilgrimage in the world.
The rationale for the research paper is to understand the prospects of religious tourism in the advancement of the economy (Berkey, 2003). An analysis on the importance of religious tourism, and its impact to the economy of Mecca and its constituents will lead us into appropriate measures that the government of Saudi Arabia can employ in improving religious tourism in Mecca.
The purpose of this study revolves around understanding the dynamics of religious tourism and discovers analytical approaches of broadening the aspects of religious tourism in Mecca as a revenue earner. To achieve these results, it is important that an appraisal is conducted in order to establish how Muslims view religious tourism and the principal destinations for this type of tourism.
In addition to this, it is also imperative that an understanding is created in finding out how much interest is there for religious tourism, the destinations that attract tourists and the reasons behind religious tourism. In achieving this, a questionnaire was formulated and distributed across different Mosques. The questionnaire comprised of a set of structured questions and two open-ended questions (Berkey, 2003). The results were later calculated and evaluated using a quantitative approach.
Objectives and Aims of this Research
Generally, this study intends to ascertain the impact of religious tourism on the economy of Saudi Arabia, including its influences to the local community. The research paper also seeks to find out the government of Saudi Arabia’s initiatives of improving religious tourism in Mecca. In doing this, the research paper will seek to also create a platform for understanding religious tourism.
Through this research, we seek to create an understanding of the importance of religious tourism to a country and how it holistically affects the society. The findings of this paper will help analyze approaches that can enhance the cause of religious tourism by seeking for other strategies that can boost the growth of tourism and increase the revenue process of the Muslim Nation (Henderson, 2011). When the findings of this research are deployed, Saudi Arabia is most likely to experience an increase in the quantity of tourists who visit Mecca for religious and touristic reasons.
Literature review
In this section, the research paper will address and introduce religious tourism and carry a short background study on Islam and how they view Mecca. The religious lives of Muslims will be analyzed, in a nutshell, to discover some basic information about this faith and its place in the society and the lives of people.
The characteristics of religious tourism will give an in-depth understanding to show the imp...
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