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Standards of Operation (Research Proposal Sample)


OUR STANDARD: Guest sighting dusty walls and skirting boards does not only look bad for first impressions. We also have a duty of care to our guest and staff members that our rooms have been cleaned and sanitized to a high standard to prevent any form of cross contamination or bacteria growing on the dust build up particles. Dusty rooms only attract and absorb bacteria particles which can be passed on from person to person as they touch the surface if the area has not been cleaned correctly. In order to prevent the dust build up, you need to follow some strict cleaning procedures. Dust free Clean rooms provide our guest with an experience as they enter the room each time, the room looks and feels’ clean. So it must be clean EQUIPMENT PROCEDURE FOCUS POINTS: SAFETY MEASURES ETC


1.How to clean a shower.


2.How to clean a bathroomtiles


3.How to clean and defrost the fridge and frezer


4.How to clean the microwave


5.How to clean stove top


6.How to wash dishes


7.How to the kitchen bench top


8.How to make five star hotel bed


9.How to dust a room


10.How to wipe clean eletricalitems


11. How to stock a housekeeping trolley

12. Power cord and other hazard in a guest room

13. Finding food in a gust room occupied room

14. Handling rubbish

15. Finding and handling messy room (occupied and vacant)

Sop on the above with the under listed thanks




Focus point

Safety measure



Standards of Operation
Course title:
Standards of Operation
How to clean a shower.
The shower should be cleaned once per week and even more more often if the shower is used frequently.
Microfibre cloths
Soft abrasive pads
Trigger sprayer
Pump-up sprayer
Acidulate – shower cleaner
Spectrum HBV Disinfectant
Googles and gloves.
Clean and disinfect every human contact surface
With the use of trigger sprayer containing cleaner disinfectant, mist the hand rails, the floor, faucets and shower head, and shower seat or chair.
Allow the disinfectant to dwell on the surfaces for ten minutes
Rinse all the surfaces.
Make sure that you wear gloves and other equipment for personal protection
The disinfectant used has to be approved by the organization’s management
To make sure that all showers of the hotel are clean, the supervisor in charge will supervise the work after the cleaning. Staffs would rotate every week to ensure that all staffs understand the shower cleaning procedures.
Focus points
Make sure that the shower surfaces are clean and shiny after cleaning
Ensure that the showers are dry after cleaning
How to clean bathroom tiles
Removing the surface dirt and dust is a vital step to getting the floor clean. It is important to keep the bathroom tiles clean for aesthetic and hygienic reasons.
A foam gun
A flat mop
Mop pail
A cleaning cloth
Lemon disinfectant
Safety gloves and googles
A sprayer
Fill a foam gun with Butcher’s Rip Tide, also known as the shower room cleaner, at full length.
Connect the hosepipe to the source of water and attach the foam gun handle to the hosepipe.
Adjust the Brass Metering Stem to the proper setting.
To clean the bathroom wall tiles, stand six to eight feet from the bathroom wall tiles and then spray on foam, and let it work for about three minutes.
On heavy soap scam and hard water deposits, utilize a brown or white scrub pad.
Clean wall, floor and sink tiles of the bathroom using a flat mop and disinfect.
Wear disposable gloves if sensitivity to cleaning solutions is a concern.
The spray and disinfectant used should be approved by the hotel’s administration
To make sure that all bathroom tiles are clean, the supervisor in charge will supervise the work after the cleaning. Staffs would rotate every week to ensure that all staffs understand the procedures for cleaning bathroom tiles.
Focus points
Ensure that the bathroom tiles are clean and shiny after cleaning
Ensure that the bathroom tiles are dry after cleaning
How to clean and defrost the fridge and freezer
The fridge is one of the most significant appliances inside the kitchen and it is very important to keep it clean, cool, and defrosted. Through defrosting, you will eliminate the likelihood of damage cause the fridge because of ice build-ups which may crack the plastic or other parts inside the fridge.
Multi-purpose cleaner
An old toothbrush
A pan
Hot water
Bicarbonate of soda
The steps for defrosting:
Turn the refrigerator dial to off or defrost
Pull out frozen foods and ice cube trays
Put the frozen foods inside a cardboard box and then cover them using a newspaper.
Place a large pan of hot water inside the freezer in order to accelerate the process of defrosting. Do not punch or scrape the ice using a sharp tool. Just allow the ice to thaw out by itself.
Place a pan under the freezing section in order to catch water. When the pan gets full, empty it. If the refrigerator is turned off, ensure that the door is left open.
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