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Finding Solutions For Mental Disorder Among Students (Research Proposal Sample)


the topic I choose is that the top priority problem, mentor disorder. Finding Solutions for Mental Disorder Among Students.


Finding Solutions for Mental Disorder Among Students


Institutional Affiliation


The increase of mental disorders and suicide among children and young adults in institutions of higher learning has raised concern among governments, educators, and parents. Various solutions have been developed and implemented, but the issue has not been fully addressed. The phenomenon is amplified at the University of Waterloo, where organizational barriers were identified as the detrimental aspect of delivering mental health care among the students. The project proposes an advocacy program within the organization that will identify these barriers and recommend appropriate solutions. The advocacy will create awareness and align the objectives of all stakeholders in mental health care, and develop SMART goals that will guarantee the sustainability of the organizational change. The success of the program will promote mental care services in the institution and a reduction of mental disorder and suicide cases.

Finding Solutions for Mental Disorder Among Students

Statement of Needs

An array of studies shows that the experience of children and young adult in their developing years is intricately associated with their health and education outcomes (Hunt & Eisenberg, 2010; Zivin, Eisenberg, Gollust, & Golberstein, 2009). Meeting the health needs of these individuals is critical to their growth and development. Furthermore, the children

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