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Political Science Research Proposal POLS311Political Parties (Research Proposal Sample)


You can select any topic covered over the course of POLS311,
but cover your research question, three major points, and list at least three references.
Your final paper will include more points and sources (at least FOUR) but make sure you
can find at least three SCHOLARLY sources at this point (no blogs or partisan publications like
Huffington Post). Remember that you must be able to discuss the other side of the issue and refute
their likely arguments as well.


Political Science Research Proposal
POLS311- Political Parties and interest groups
The Republican and Democratic parties have existed since the mid nineteenth century, and this highlights their value in the political system, to the politicians, citizens and interest groups. Major political parties have also been able to raise money for campaign purposes. In the case of interest groups, the main aim is advance specific policies and this is possible when the preferred political parties are in power (Desmarais, La Raja & Kowal, 2015). Interest groups are more likely to be powerful when they forge alliances with likeminded groups, and are based on how they exercise their barging power. While the public and the media do influence policy direction, interest groups are more actively engaged with legislators and policy makers to influence changes directly. The research question is what is the effectiveness of interest groups in influencing policy decisions and outcomes in the U.S.?
Relevance of topic
Not all interest groups are influential in the political process or policy making. One of the main resources is that these groups require resources in the form of financial resources, information and electoral support. Nonetheless, as the legislators represent the electorate, if they do not push policies that the majority wants, it is less likely that they will be elected. This does not require the use of special interest groups, especially the business groups that may advocate for certain policies that support. The major points to be covered are that, interest groups collaborate more with parties that are aligned ideologically, elite domination of the parties also influences the success of interest groups and the groups are more effective when they can offer resources.
Otjes & Rasmussen (2015) at the relationship between interest

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