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The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System (Research Proposal Sample)


Prepare a Proposal to restructure universities, colleges in ogun state Using Mnscu as a model as used by minnesota state
The literature review should not be more than 5pages
Ogun state is made up of 3 universities One Polytechnics one College of Education that award degrees ,Two community technical Colleges .
The state population is about three million people.
These proposal will be presented to the state Government For consideration .


Research Proposal
The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System, is the fifth largest of the public colleges and universities, composed of 7 universities, 30 colleges and 54 campuses across the Minnesota state. Serving more than 400,000 students, the system is one of the most successful in the state. Relative to its success since inception, this inspires another system that will be composed of one college of education, two technical colleges, one polytechnic and three universities. The data for the proposal will be collected through interviews and questionnaires. This data will then be analyzed using SPSS. The proposal is estimated to take six months to complete and a budget not exceeding $ 50,000.
Over the last few decades, the education system has greatly changed in the face of a changing economic and social system. College education as become the pillar of the society and this calls upon students to enhance their skills relative to the ever-rising standards in the job market. It is not easy for persons that do not have a college degree to secure well-paying jobs and more importantly develop a rewarding career. The education system is certainly one of the most important pillars in the society and defines the society. For most of the industries, education marks the start of excellence. Companies will look for the most productive scholars in their respective fields. It is important for persons looking to develop their careers to get educated. Recent times have also shown how versatile technology is. Like the invention of the wheel, technology now plays a crucial role in the economy. Technology plays into every other aspect of the society, but most importantly, it is also overhauling the education system. This means that, with the various developments coming up in the various industries, it is important to keep studying to update the skills relevant for productivity (Diaz & Pina, 2013). Through constant research, students are required to make sure they stay ahead of the developments. For those in the careers, making time to advance their educational background and more importantly their relevant skills are crucial. For professionals, such as IT specialists, Medical practitioners, engineers among others, there is always new information that is being developed through research. This means the professionals have to make they update their skills every so often, if they want to stay productive and most importantly grow in their careers.
Founded in the year 1991, The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System is one of the winning higher education approaches the state of Minnesota has ever developed. This is a system that gives millions of students to study in an environment that is quite enabling. Through the system, the education standards in the state have had a significant rise and more students are securing employment (Blackhurst, Ester, & Gores, 2017). At the moment, the system is serving an estimated 400,000 students. It is estimated the system is the 5th largest in the United States with reference to the public colleges and universities in the United States. Under the system, there are seven universities, thirty colleges and fifty-four campuses that are spread out across the state. It is also important to note that the system has established some rather unique connections with some of the leading industries in the country, making it one of the most well rounded programs in the nation. Students are not just exposed to the highest level of education, they also have a chance to connect with some of the leading players in a number of the industries. This would explain why the universities under the system offer the students above 88 percent of absorption rate in the job market (Diaz & Pina, 2013). This is a fairly good sys...
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