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Research Proposal Assignment: Managerial Economics (Research Proposal Sample)


Identify the name of the industry that you will base your term paper on and its corresponding 6 NAICS digit code. In a single paragraph or so, state the name of your industry, the NAICS code, how you plan to collect your data (source). Also, state the purpose and give a brief background of your industry.
a) History or background to the industry
b) Purpose
The purpose of this research paper is to describe an industry that you are interest in. A list of possible industries is shown on Page 250 in your text Book. State whether your industry caters for the local and foreign markets. Your analysis will incorporate variables of the industry as described by Porter Five Forces Frame in chapter 1:
1. Entry Conditions
2. Power of Buyers
3. Power of Suppliers
4. Substitute/Complements
5. Rivalry
However, in this course, the five forces are re-framed (re-organized) along three classifications of the industry (see chapter 7) as follows in:
a) Structure (entry conditions, including buyers and sellers)
b) Conduct (how the power of the industry is affected its ability to set price above cost)
c) Performance (profit in the long run)
There is a causal relationship connecting Structure to conduct, and then to the performance of the industry.
Here, we need to show how one of the performance variables (dependent variable) is influenced by conduct and structure variables. Explain how each independent variable affects the dependent variable in your selected industry. Also, include a section about the performance of the industry in terms of foreign trade (next export).
c) Data sources (primary/secondary)
d) NAICS codes
e) Plan of the paper it terms of the issues to be discussed in the remaining paper


Industry Analysis
Student's Name
Industry Analysis
The paper will focus on the Scheduled Passenger Air Transportation industry. Its NAICS code is 481111. The industry is made up of establishments that primarily engage in the provision of passenger air transportation (NAICS, n.d.). The transportation provided follows regular schedule and routes. Sources of information such as the United States Census Bureau will provide necessary data about the industry. In addition, online business magazines like Vault will offer important industry data that will be useful (Vault, n.d.). The International Air Transport Association (IATA) also has key industry information. The history of the industry dates back to 1914 when 25-year old Tony Jannus flew aircraft across Tampa Bay (Johanson, 2014). Significant progress has been made in the industry and now on average, 8 million people fly per day (IATA, 2013).
The research paper will seek to examin

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