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An Investigation of How Big Data Can Enhance the Management of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Hospitality Sector (Research Proposal Sample)


InstructionsYour proposal will focus on a topic within the database and DBMS domains. The proposal may be an extension of a previously written problem statement paper that intrigues the student (and is research worthy) or a completely new topic derived from the readings and research. If in doubt, please share your idea with the professor and request feedback. Write a research proposal that contains the elements listed below:• Title Pageo    Title: The title of your work should be concise and describe what your research will entail.o    Student Nameo    Course ID, Name, and Semester Takeno    Universityo    Date• Table of Contents• Backgroundo    This section will provide enough information so that the reader understands the general context, settings, and basis for the proposed research. A non-expert may read the proposal so ensure there is sufficient framing and discussion of the underlying concepts.• Problem Statemento    This section will focus on the presentation of a literature-supported open research question or problem that must be addressed. Additional areas should include detailed discussions of its scope, nature, what the problem is, how it developed or evolved into a problem, why it is a problem, and a brief discussion as to the other works that establish it as a problem within the literature.• Goalo    This section provides a concise definition of the goal of the study, what it will accomplish, and how it will be measured. That is, how you will define success and failure of the study (if applicable).• Relevance and Significanceo    This section provides additional support for the problem statement and goal by discussing why the problem exists, who is affected by it, and the impact of the problem. Additionally, discussion of the study’s significance, the promise of its outcome, and its outcomes will address the stated problem.• Literature Reviewo    This section will focus on clearly identifying the major areas that the research will focus on to establish a foundation of the study within the body of knowledge. The presentation of literature is an expansion of an annotated bibliography that justifies the problem, hypothesis, impact, and significance of the study.• Approacho    A detailed explanation of how the study will be undertaken and how the goal will be achieved.  This should take the form of a discussion of the methodology used, each step, milestone, and an explanation of each. Ensure that the approach is supported by the literature, as it cannot be based solely on opinion or experience.• ReferencesSupport your paper with a minimum of 10 total scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.
Length: 10 pages, not including title and reference pages


An Investigation of How Big Data Can Enhance the Management of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Hospitality Sector
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An Investigation of How Big Data Can Enhance the Management of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Hospitality Sector
In the past two decades, researchers and practitioners in management fields have paid substantial attention to innovation in advancing business interests (Boons, Montalvo, Quist, & Wagner, 2013). The hospitality industry has also adopted some of these solutions to facilitate growth, profitability, and sustainability of businesses (Prud’homme & Raymond, 2013). There is no doubt that the role of information technology (IT) is imperative in the formulation of short, medium, and long-term strategies in the hotel business. The advancement of Cloud technologies has facilitated new kinds of databases that can be accessed through online platforms (Paul Rajan & Shanmugapriyaa, 2012). The large amount and variety of structured and unstructured data gathered from business, systems, and devices can be analyzed with sophisticated applications, making it useful in management functions (Stoicescu, 2015). There is no doubt that it is impossible to accurately predict the future in any business context. Fundamentally, the changing customer behaviors make it difficult for decision-makers to engage in strategic management in the hospitality and hotel businesses. Nevertheless, studies show that staying up-to-date with new technologies and assessing their applications can increase effectiveness in management and support the growth of businesses. The hospitality and hotel industry offers services to millions of consumers every day and the management has the mandate to ensure that the expectations of each client are met (Testa & Sipe, 2012). Meeting these expectations contributes substantially to the profitability and sustainability of the business. In the recent past, there has been an increase in the use of advanced analytic solutions in hospitality and hotel businesses to identify what keeps the customers happy and the trends that emerge in business, which can be used to determine the customer behavior and how it might change in the future (Kandampully, Zhang, & Bilgihan, 2015; Prud’homme & Raymond, 2013). The intent of this paper is to propose a study on how Big Data analytics can be used in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the hospitality sector to increase effectiveness in management.
Problem Statement
The hospitality sector is largely composed of SMEs that are highly competitive. SMEs are the backbone of most economies by providing a source of income and employment for many people. Nevertheless, SMEs are less likely to engage innovative measures that support their growth and competitiveness (Bos-Brouwers, 2010). Although many studies address theories and models employed in the hospitality and service industries, there is little focus on innovation among SMEs in the sector. Reviews highlight that innovation has a critical role in changing the market conditions and competitive approaches that drive success in businesses. SMEs in the hotel and hospitality face the challenges in collecting, managing, and analyzing big data that can offer the management support in decision making and facilitate the maximization of profits and enhance the customer experience (Dubai SME, 2012). Notably, the huge number of SMEs in the hospitality and hotel sector collects a large volume of data that they can actually manage or analyze. Despite this, there it is evident that large organizations in the sector have increased efficiency in management through creative strategies that facilitate competitive advantage through the use of big data (...

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