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The Inception of Social Media (Research Proposal Sample)


Please help name the title of as well
what your proposal should include (IMPORTANT): 
- title
- topic statement
- an orchestrated state of knowledge,
- a knowledge deficit that leads to a research question 
- and an indication of how you will answer the research question. 
- An annotated bibliography that includes at least three of the five scholarly journal articles you will be using for your essay.


The Inception of Social Media
The Inception of Social Media
Social media is a new procedure of communication that provides interactions among people in which they create and share information and ideas. These mediums are attracting to a larger extent a number of people with the most prevalence noticed on youths. As these groups learn how to possibly accomplish their goals on these platforms, many parents also find themselves involved. These mediums have attracted the attention of academic and industrial researchers who are intrigued by their affordances and reach. This paper, for this reason, seeks to underlie some of the key factors of these mediums.
Sherry D. Sanders, (2015).Privacy is dead; the birth of social media background checks; Feb 4, 2015, viewed in Feb 2015
Sanders purports in this article that the inception of social media are the reasons why privacy today has been murdered. He alleges that social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have experienced an increase in usage over the past years. Almost seventy-five percent of users aged between twenty-four and above have a profile in one of these social network platforms. The inception of these mediums of communication has however come with new changes in the society today.
Richard L.Pare, (2012).Invisible discrimination: Employers, social media sites and passwords in the U.S. Fairfiel...
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