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How Strategies Used in L2 Affects Reading and Comprehension Among International Students in a Classroom Set Up (Research Proposal Sample)


please try to use this book: Reading in a Second Language Moving from Theory to Practice By William Grabe. and use new adition books if you can. i will upload the instruction please follow it carefully. and i will upload the example.


How strategies used in L2 affects reading and comprehension among international students in a classroom set up.
Reading has been defined as a complex process that incorporates the interaction between cognitive and psychological at different levels to make sense and meaning of a text. The process of reading requires readers to utilize all the available information to them to decipher texts. This information includes linguistic knowledge, any prior information about the information that is in the text, and clear understanding of cognitive and metacognitive strategies in reading. First languages and second languages affect how a reader comprehends a text and their ability to derive meaningful information from a particular text.
Because readers are not exposed to same language resources, cultural and social background about a phenomenon in a text, reading process thus become a very challenging affair for readers of the second language. L1 readers enjoy a high level of proficiency because they benefit from the contexts of the texts due to their cultural exposure to the language. The level of competence in L2, reader's background knowledge of the content and cultural familiarity with issues in the text all affects the reader's ability to comprehend the second language. Efficient readers use different strategies for different texts thus lowering the time they take to understand a phenomenon of interest in the book. This is one of the distinguishing factors between proficient readers and their low reader's counterparts.
Development in cognitive psychology has influenced most research into learning strategies. One of the ways learners of a second language use to read is glossing. It helps in comprehension during reading and also improves vocabulary. According to Ku, & Ho (2010), use of glossing and other strategies increases learners' ability to read L2 languages. In the same study, (Ku, & Ho (2010) found that there was a positive effect on reading strategies like glossing on reading and comprehension of the second language. Readers of foreign language use like predicting, creating expectation before reading, identification of texts and microstructure, background knowledge and context signaling cues to enhance comprehension (Kern, 1989).
The various studies conducted on glossing have not thoroughly examined the effects of the reading strategy of the second language on reading and comprehension. The purpose of this research is to determine therefore to consider the role played by reading strategies used by international students to aid reading and comprehension.
The organization of this paper takes the resulting shape. The paper will address the role played by reading strategies in reading and comprehension by reviewing recent studies on the aspects of reading strategies on comprehension of the second language. Using the literature review, the paper will discuss that there is a need for further research to help understand further the nature of the role played by reading strategies in reading and comprehending in learning a second language. The study will formulate research question based on the literature review, and the previous findings will be reviewed and critiqued. The paper will discuss research methodology used in answering the questions posed. The research will finalize by recognizing the implication of this proposed research in teaching reading in a classroom context.
Literature review
Reading, therefore, involve the text, the reader and the interaction between the reader and the text (Koda, 2005). Literary skills in distinct languages also stem from shared cognitive domains. Reading and comprehension is a holistic process that takes into consideration metacognitive, cognitive, affective and social dimension. Reading is very dynamic and takes into account a ...
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