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Libyan English Secondary School Curriculum (Research Proposal Sample)


I would like to have a proposal about this topic ''assessing and analyzing Libyan English secondary school curriculum "
I will attach all the instructions for the assignment with providing some samples as well as the rubric how they will evaluate this assignment.
please include references from universities libraries and google scholar these kinds of sources as well as pre-reviewed articles.
Put in mind free plagiarism, please.
Good research questions.
Look at the examples that I will provide carefully.  


Libyan English Secondary School Curriculum: Benefits and Challenges
Applied statistics
Primarily, I would like to pass my gratitude to the almighty God for granting me the grace of writing this proposal without any major tribulations. I also extend my gratitude and deep-felt appreciation to all those who have significantly offered me unwavering assistance, support, and guidance in writing the proposal. Special gratitude goes to doctor Javed for being an integral part in my education and also for greatly helping me to utterly understand how a research proposal should be written. His cooperation, moral support, and creation of a conducive environment for me to learn and ask questions freely without any fear made it unproblematic for me to comprehend what a research proposal paper exactly encompass.
Proposed Supervisor
I believe Miss Katlin who is my proficient supervisor will be of great significance in my project. After reading my project, she will probably recommend some necessary amendments. Consequently, my writing of a research proposal will be adequately enhanced and thus in the future, I will be in a position to write research proposal papers in an excellent manner with negligible problems.
With the onset of globalization and technological advancement, English has become a vital device of international communication in multiple parts, such as education, politics, and business. Additionally, English is now the greatest taught foreign lingo in the globe. The prevalent utilization of English has had a huge influence on foreign language education, including English education in Libya (Mohamed S Youssef, 2012). Obtaining the abilities to speak and write in English in Libya has become a prerequisite. This need has played a substantial part in the reorganization of the curriculum at both the high and middle-high schools and thus learning English in Libyan middle and high schools became compulsory for all students in the early 2000s (Ali Elabbar, 2014). While there was no definite technique for teaching English language, teachers used a traditional grammar-translation technique because it fitted their own way of managing classes and also because it was time-effective. Since teachers were required to finish the textbook within the allocated time, they rushed to cover the language content, even though the students had not utterly learned the language. Subsequently, it was conventional to find students in universities being unable to communicate in English articulately even after studying for 6 years in middle and high school.
The aforementioned problem led to the change of the English education program. The English education program has faced paradigm change ever since the early 2000s. It shifted from a concentration on receptive skills like memorizing and reiterating grammatical guidelines to a concentration on a productive skill which allows students to employ English functionally and communicatively suitably (Aloreibi& Carey, 2016). Basically, the curriculum shifted from a traditional grammatical translation approach to one hinged on the communicative lingo method. The new curriculum has encouraged students to obtain the English language for communicative reasons instead of memorizing the regulations and fresh words. Researchers and teachers believe that the communicative language teaching technique is an effective method for English teaching.
Little research has been carried out on the benefits and challenges associated with the English language curriculum in Libyan high schools. To that end, experts voices regarding the issue have not been heard or examined. Carrying out a research on the benefits and challenges of the curriculum will be quite imperati...

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