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Making a Contribution to Society (Research Proposal Sample)


you are the Production Manager of BoxCo, Inc., a small company that manufactures custom cardboard packaging. Your company creates a lot of waste cardboard every day. You have developed a plan to shred the waste and compact it into pellets that may be used to cushion items when they are shipped. You estimate that you will eliminate 820 tons of cardboard waste a year, which costs $366,540 a year to dump. Your recycling program will cost about $180,700 a year, but you estimate that the sales revenue from converted packaging product will produce revenue of $166,500 a year. Finally, you know about a state-funded incentive program that will pay $65,600 for this sort of recycling program. You will write a summary of your proposal for your CEO Developing a Summary of a Recycling Project 1. Using Microsoft Word, create a new document named “Recycling Proposal.” 2. Write a one-paragraph summary that describes the company’s proposal. Make a point of mentioning the amount of eliminated waste. 3. Incorporate the financial information from the Overview section of this project into a paragraph below the first one. 4. At the top of the document, key the company name and its address (use your address). Center this line. 5. Above the summary paragraph, add an uppercase title: “BoxCo, Inc., Recycling Proposal.” Use 16-point type, centered. 6. Insert three lines between the title and the summary paragraph. 7. Change the font for the entire document to Arial. 8. Save the document. 9. Rename the document as “Recycling and Social Responsibility.” 10. Use Spell Check, and then preview the document please feel free to ask me any questions regarding my order

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