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Smart Phones Operating Systems (Research Proposal Sample)

please follow these instructions Paragraph 1: Establish the problem you wish to investigate, and provide to persuade your classmate that it is indeed significant. Identify at least three current article that you have found that discuss this topic. include bibliographic as instructed. two of the articles should be one or two years ago. Paragraph 2 Discuss the benefits of pursuing a solution. also try to answer the following question: whom does the problem affect? what companies might be interested in putting a possible solution into action, and why should anyone spend resources and manpower to solve the problem? identifying cause and effect relationships may be helpful in developing this section. Paragraph 3 To futher research the problem and to find a solution, describe how you plan to look for information. what library resources will best provide background information? what library databases will be most useful in finding current article on the topic. Paragraph 4 Examine the schedule of assignment and the due dates, Present a list of tasks you will need to do and their completion dates they will enable you to submit a well written and well supported research paper by its due date. My major is Industrial Engineering. If you can choose a topic about Smart phones like the operating system or anything that associate with smart phone. source..
Date: February 24, 2012
Subject: Smart Phones Operating Systems
In order to obtain feedback on my tic of choice for a research paper, I am submitting this memorandum. I welcome commends from you and my classmates as they will help in shaping the topic of my research proposal. I real want to find out how and the different operating systems help to make the Smart phones have unique features and highly demanded by the consumers. There are already developments in this field of technology. Three articles from mobile phone companies show how operating system determines the features of the smart phone and its demand;
“New Survey: Consumer Smart Phones – Apple vs. Google Android”- Changewaves research
“Google Android OS Explained”. Samsung.
“Discovering computers 2011: living in a digital world”- Technology Cengage Learning.
Many people including my self are pursuing career in operating system. The benefits of this career are long term since what is contributed today will make the companies perform more efficiently and profitable in the future. The phones designed with appropriate operating system will be more attractive to the consumers and they will demand highly for them enabling the company to make high sales. Many companies like the Google, Microsoft and Nokia are already using the best operating systems to make their products look attractive and unique. The Smart phone implemented pocketable phones with net-connected...
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