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Police Brutality, are the police abusing their authority (Research Proposal Sample)


I have to so a research proposal on Police Brutality today are some cops abusing their authority. I will attach a problem statement which will give you a guideline on what I want. it has to have 8 things 1 executive summary, 2 problem statement 3 research objectives 4 literature review 5. importance of study 6 research design 7 data analysis, 8 possible results PA format Font 12 Times New Roman double spaced min of 3 sources .

Police Brutality; are the Police Abusing their Authority
Police Brutality; are the Police Abusing their Authority
Executive Summary
Police brutality is increasing in the US, and this is evident with the increasing number of videos that are circulating countrywide. Laws and ethical standards exist that govern the use of force by law enforcement officers. However, with the increased levels of violent crimes and violent criminals, the police justify their actions indicating that they are protecting themselves from such criminals. Surveys indicate mixed and complex attitudes regarding the perception among police officers on the use of excess force by officers with one group supporting the use of force and another against the action. This research provides an insight into the police perception of using force and provides a comparison with the laws governing the use of such force hence determine whether they are abusing their authority.
Problem Statement
Police corruption and abuse of authority in the United States have been a persistent practice since the onset of policing. However, these were exacerbated especially in the 20th century due to the drug epidemic that arose in the period. Annually, the incidents of abuse of authority through violence and other forms of police brutality are high with an increasing number of video evidence circulating in the whole country (Weisburd, Greenspan, Hamilton, & Bryant, 2001). Police brutality has today been generalized to all the police among citizens; however, it is only a few officers that are their authority. Community disturbances that result from the use of excessive force are on the rise. While the police are still respected in the country, the increased incidences of brutality have resulted into increased frustrations among the citizens. Community disturbances that originate from police brutality are today plaguing the American community. Law enforcement is vital as a soci...
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