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Does mental health impact female offender recidivism (Research Proposal Sample)


These are the instructions given. This is a criminal Justice Research class
The purpose of the research. Research is intended to explore, describe, or explain. Exploratory research tends to focus on new or emerging issues. Descriptive research describes a condition existing at a point in time. Explanatory research might attempt to identify the cause of a social phenomenon or behavior. Each of these purposes is legitimate but they are not mutually exclusive. It is possible for a research project to have more than one purpose. Ideally, in this section you should succinctly state your research question.
The problem or issue. This section of the introduction attempts to convince the reader that reading the report is worth the time. On a daily basis we are all bombarded with information, most of which we never ask for. So, why would I want to read your research? Does it cover a topic that affects me?
The intended audience of the research project. This tells the reader who should care about the research. Don’t assume that everybody will be interested in your research topic. Decide on what type of individuals would be benefited by knowing the information. Is this research done for police officers, school teachers, corrections workers, or probation officers? Who would care about this research? Be as specific as possible and use this as an opportunity to make a case on the relevance of your research.
The sources of information used during the research process. This section provides context to the research and further informs the reader on the relevance of the research from their perspective. Where did you go to find your information? Does your research include scholarly literature or did you just read a few magazine articles? Who (e.g., which experts) did you talk to when you were looking for information? Did you use data that had been collected by another person?
The research methods you used during the research process. This section informs the reader how you went about the process of gathering the data or information you needed to answer the research question. Did you do a survey? If so, who did you send it to? Did you do an experiment? Did you use secondary data? If so, from where did you get this data? Normally, you will describe your research method in greater detail in another section. For now, a brief description is all that is necessary.
The intended outcome of your research. This section is closely related to the purpose of the research. It is a little different in that it attempts to explain to the reader how the research should be consumed and/or responded to. Is this something that requires immediate action? Should this information be filed away to be used at some time in the future?
How your research paper is organized. This is the most mechanical part of the introduction. In this section you normally inform the reader of how the paper is organized and briefly what is included in each section.


Does mental health impact female offender recidivism?
mental health and female offender recidivism Purpose of the research
The purpose of the research is to evaluate whether female offenders with have mental disorders commit of crime and recidivism at higher rates. While there is higher rate of people who have mental disorders serving sentences compared to the public, there is a need to determine whether this affects recidivism. The research question is, does mental health impact female offender recidivism?
The problem or issue
Knowledge of the prevalence of mental disorders among female offenders would provide insights on whether there is need to integrate better mental health services in law enforcement
Criminal, personal, family and social history, as well as personality and the duration of the sentence are considered when deciding on the treatment of prisoners if they are disguised with mental disorders. However, as there is a risk of social isolation for those suffering from mental health disorders this may affect how they seek mental health services. 

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