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Quantitative Research Proposal Health, Medicine Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


Identify your Research Problem (Statement of the problem is presented clearly and logically with evidence drawn from the literature; the purpose and importance of the study is presented and supported) Identify the hypotheses and research questions of the proposal
Identify your Sample (Sampling method and type is noted and supported; ideal sample size is noted; characteristics of the sample are presented; inclusion/exclusion criteria provided)
Include at least 2 references in this check-in.


Quantitative Research Proposal: The Relationship Between Crime Rates and Gun Ownership
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Quantitative Research Proposal: The Relationship Between Crime Rates and Gun Ownership
Problem Statement
Although individuals view the ownership of firearms or guns as a recipe for reducing crimes, there have been concerns whether this is a contributing factor to rising crime rates. Gun violence is a significant concern for policymakers, with records showing more than 10000 gun-related deaths across America, the highest in any developed nation in the world (Monuteaux, Lee, Hemenway, Mannix, & Fleegler, 2015). Besides, guns are also used in committing other crimes such as robbery and assault. With these records of crimes, there is evidence that gun ownership is a major contributor to crime rates within the United States. For many years, several studies have been conducted and shown a relationship between increased gun ownership and an associated increase in violent crimes. However, there is no clarity on whether such an increase in crime is associated with gun ownership. Most of the studies conducted lack direct measures of the relationship between gun ownership and increasing crime rates (Siegel, Ross, King III, 2013). Conceptually, the impacts of gun ownership on the prevalence of crimes remain ambiguous. With firearms, criminals become more lethal and enhance their confidence, which affirms the growth of crime rates whenever there is an increase in gun ownership (Karimov, 2018).
Importance and Purpose of Study

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