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Incontinence Among The Elderly In Nursing Homes (Research Proposal Sample)


I want the CHANGE proposal paper on bowel and bladder incontinence in elderly in nursing home. As i already wrote much of the parts I could not find some of the things and I have very limited time.The things i need in my paper is discussion of relevant change theory to proposal, force field analysis with resistance and enabling forces and plan for utilizing it, each step of proposed plan ,strengths and weakness as a change agent,

Bowel and Bladder Incontinence among the Elderly in Nursing Homes Name Institution Affiliation Bowel and Bladder Incontinence among the Elderly in Nursing Homes For a long time, the assumption that incontinence is inevitable in old age has been made. This together with the lack of thorough assessment of the causes of incontinence has forced many old people to a life of using containment products, which causes high distress to them and their families. However, studies have shown that there exist ways to treat incontinence and help the elderly remain continent (Dennis, 2016). This paper seeks to highlight changes in nursing homes for the elderly that coul...
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