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Effects of Smoking while pregnant (Research Proposal Sample)


Parts of the paper should include: 1. Introduction (one pg) 2. Problem Statement (one page) 3. Rationale for the Research (half a page) 4. Statement of the Research Objectives (half a page) 5. Hypothesis (half a page) 6. definition of terms 7. Summary (one page) 8. Literature Review (two pgs): -What are the similar areas of study or studies that lead up to the current research? Identify the importance of the questions being asked. -Report on the current status of the topic. - Analyze the relationship between the literature reviewed and the problem statement. 9. Methodology 10. Participants 11. Research Design (half a page) 12. Instrumentation and Data Collection Plans (half a page) 13. proposed analysis of data -What variables will be included in the analyses? -Identify the dependent and independent variables if such a relationship exists. -What is the decision making criteria (e.g., the critical alpha level)? -Will computer software be used in the analysis? If so, identify what will be used. -Explain how to assess the validity of the measurement. -Explain how to measure the reliability of the variables. 14. implications and limitations -What implications and assumptions are being made regarding the proposed sample and how it represents the proposed population? - What assumptions are you making regarding the instrument’s validity and its ability to measure the desired variables? - What assumptions are being made in having respondents truthfully answer a survey, questionnaire, or interview questions? - Identify the limitations of the research proposal, such as the limited population for the study 15. Time Schedule --Propose how long the research process could take (hypothetically). Remember that a proposal stops at the proposal stage and that there is no actual research conducted by you. You are to propose what you will do and when to carry out the study. 16. Personnel --- List the categories or types of assistance needed from others (not the participants) to conduct the proposed research 17. Budget ---List all expenses proposed to incur during the research. Include all details for the proposed budget, and then add them up for a total proposed budget 18. Resources 19. Needed Assurance/Clearances (one pg) 20. Questions for Surveys/Questionnaires/Interviews (one pg) 21. References ---List a minimum of five references used for the Literature Review of this Research Proposal. Follow APA guidelines regarding use of references in text and in the references page. Only references cited in the text are to be included in the references page

Effects of Smoking while Pregnant
The risks that are linked with smoking are common and well known. However, despite this knowledge, many women who are smokers continue smoking even during pregnancy. Nicotine can cross the placenta and, therefore, smoking hurts the fetus in a number of ways. Babies born to women that smoked while pregnant are at higher risk of having low birth weight and a small circumference of the head with an increased likeliness of experiencing sudden infant death syndrome. Recent studies have indicated that prenatal nicotine exposure permanently affects the fetal brain. Due to this effect on the brain prenatal nicotine exposure negatively affects the development and behavior of the child with several studies highlighting the link between smoking while pregnant and negative behaviors among children. This research will, therefore, focus on the behavioral effects of maternal smoking while pregnant among children aged between 1-3 years. The study will focus on establishing a link between maternal smoking in pregnancy and four behavior problems that are aggressive/destructive behavior, impulsive behavior, deficit disorder, and low social competence. The objective will be establishing a link between maternal smoking and the stated behavioral problems among mothers attending the prenatal clinic in public hospitals. The study will use a descriptive non-experimental cross-sectional study design where it will use a structured questionnaire for data collection. The data will be statistically analyzed with the P-value used to determine the statistical significance of the data collected where a P- value of lower than 0.05 of the data indicating statistical significance. SPSS will also be used, and the Cronbach’s constant will be used in this case to determine the reliability and validity of the SPSS analysis.
Definition of Terms
Maternal smoking: - Smoking by the mother.
SPSS: - This is the...
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