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Home and Traditional Schools Perform Equally In College (Research Proposal Sample)


I have attached the scoring rubric and a word document in which I am showing the writer the heading that need to be used and the focus that the paper should have in certain sections. This paper is a hypothetical research conducted in a University with the scope to determine if there are academic differences between students how have been homeschooled and those who attend traditional school. Please be very specific with the subjects, material and analysis used for the study. I have also attached the references that should be used.If the writer needs to use another reference to help him/her with the research study that is totally fine but it must be regarding homeschool


Learners from both Home and Traditional Schools Perform Equally In College
The purpose of this study is to examine if there is an academic difference between kids who have been homeschooled versus those who have to attend the traditional school. The study further investigates if homeschooled students have adequate preparations for joining the college educational level compared to the ones from the traditional school systems through two repeatable study articles. Although research has proven that there is no significant difference, homeschooling is still associated with a negative stigma, and therefore further research studies are required for homeschooling to be established as an equal educational approach. Scholars also argue out that what matters and contributes largely to the student either passing or failing is the personal capacity, hard work, and approach to the things he or she receives and understands from the teacher or tutor. Most scholars argue that traditional school systems have significant challenges that prevent the school systems from performing well like the traditional systems. The scholars further connect the challenges to affecting the homeschooled children's social life (Olçay-Gül & Tekin-Iftar, 2016). A good example of the challenges is that a learner uses most time in mind-refreshing activities such as watching television programs, playing or undertaking household chores, which gives the learner little time to study and understand concepts as compared to a child in the traditional systems.
The study had some subjects to collect data from and listen to the responses as a base to argue that both homeschooling and traditional schooling are equal. The subjects were freshman students of NJ University. In the chosen students, half had attended homeschools while the other half attended traditional school system. The above criteria ensured that there was a balance in the responses collected on the study topic. There were two prominent methods used to collect data from the student. The methods were interviews and Focused Group Discussions (FGD). The subjects were quite cooperative, which made the data collection method easy. There were recording devices for reference purposes and analysis to ensure that the data collected was accurate and credible.
Setting and Materials
Subsequently, the next procedure was to set up the materials to conduct the study. There were two rooms. Both the rooms had playback devices to collect and store data fo

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