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Counseling for Juveniles convicted of Violent Crimes (Research Proposal Sample)


Paper must be from a counseling perspective and using the cognitive behavior therapy technique. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me. It must be from counseling perspective.


Counseling for Juveniles convicted of Violent Crimes
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Introduction: Cognitive therapy was started by Doctor Aaron T. Beck in the 1960s while studying psychoanalysis in the University of Pennsylvania. He studied and practiced it since he was a psychoanalyst. He designed carried out numerous experiments to tests that dint do well as he expected, But through the Help of many researchers and Therapists his work has grown phenomenally. Since then it has been widely used for anxiety disorders. The main components of this therapy are two: cognitive and behavior. The basis of cognitive therapy is our thoughts, and how they affect our behavior, as a result.
Majority of inmates in most states of America who a Juveniles come from either a broken home or single parent families. There are 53 incarceration centers in the United States of America. These children need to go through this therapy since it covers areas such as anxiety disorders, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, depression and other medical problems.
Based on the crimes these juveniles have committed, it is important that they go through cognitive restructuring process that will help them identify their negative thoughts. It helps them to come in term with reality and to know where the cause is. Secondly is the challenging of the view step. Wilding & Milne. (2012)
Based on one's phobia direct questions are pointed at the matter that will help an inmate realize the pros and cons of their current situation and mindset. Thirdly is the process of replacing negative thoughts with realistic ones. One can get clearer, and sharper decisions that are positive, calm statements help to lower a person's anxiety and anticipation
Young people in these situations need a therapist to help them out since this therapy focuses on a particular problem. By individual or group sessions, problems are identified and specifically addressed; Depression is an important challenge faced by young inmates.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is goal oriented ...
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