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Game Proposal: The Hub Property (Research Proposal Sample)


Please choose AngryBird, CandyCrush or farmville2CountryEscape. Description: Source a simple game with simple mechanics and propose persuasively in 5 pages how elements could be changed to work within a larger property development strategy. Purpose: As audience attention fragments across multiple channels, producers of film, television, and music content must increasingly look to new engagement outlets to help funnel audiences to the core content. Casual games, ARGs, and other mobile interactive experiences are proving very effective in providing gateway experiences for other content, and producers capable of incorporating the development of these entities into their property development strategies will have a decided edge. The five-page proposal should be comprised of: The Hub Property ¡V 5 marks Onesheet description of core property, and reason why the team believes a connected game experience will help either generate greater revenue, greater audiences or both. The Game ¡V 5 marks Description of the game¡¦s mechanic, and how the property¡¦s core content (story, characters, music ¡V whatever is appropriate) will be incorporated into this gaming experience. The Strategy -10 marks Detailed information on how this game experience will be used/integrated into the master strategy to achieve specific property goals. Ie. generate greater awareness of the property, engagement for the fans, a tool to evangelize the property, a jumping off point for other content, a bridge between major releases of core content, an additional revenue for the property, etc. Note: this is the part that most producers get wrong. Simply ¡§making a game with the skin of your property¡¨ wont help you achieve your goals. It is a tool and must be used strategically with a specific end in mind. Logistics ¡V 10 marks Detailed information about the game/DSK that will be licensed and modified. Who owns the rights? What will it cost to secure them? What is the extent of the modifications required? How large of a team will be required to pull it off? Where will you source these team members, and how will you vet their skills? What timelines and budgets are you looking at?

Game Proposal
Course title:
Game Proposal
The Hub Property
A number of elements of the popular Angry Bird game could be altered to work within a larger property development strategy.It is expected that changing the elements would result in greater revenue since there would be an increased clientele and more loyal fan-base.The team believes that a connected game experience would help to generate greater revenue primarily because of the game’s popularity which will be substantially high. Millions of game-lovers would be attracted by the game since they will want to experience it, thereby resulting in more revenue for the company. To ensure a connected game experience, the game will be developed such that it will have a combination of comical style and addictive gameplay.Moreover, the game will also offer players a challenging experience that will help to ensure that fans remain loyal to this game. The connected game experience will provide a fun narrative through awesome animation. In addition, all the characters would be fantastically drawn with expressive facial features and eyes, and will not leave the player in doubt of their intention. The team believes that this would make the game highly popular worldwide and very successful with perhaps millions of downloads and create a loyal fan-base which will be important in generating greater revenue.
The Game: game mechanics
The developed game would be a modification of the Angry Birds game.In the Angry Birds game, the task is basically to shoot birds with dissimilar properties from a slingshot at a structure which contains pigs and to destroy the pigs.The structure could be very complicated and may entail several dissimilar object categories with dissimilar properties. It is of note that both the game and the structure principally observes the laws of physics and the player is able to deduce the way the structure would alter when it is hit at a particular point.The core content of the An...
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