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Technology Adoption Theory and Organizational Culture (Research Proposal Sample)


This is part of my research proposal document too. In addition to organization culture related to size, history and culture, I also want to bring in the Technology Adoption Theory to which is related to organizations adopting technology within their organization. Please provide some information on this theory and see how this will relate how luxury brand owners would or would not take full benefit into the technology online. .


Technology Adoption Theory and Organizational Culture
Organizational culture is one of the factors cited in most organizations to contribute greatly to their performance. Organizational culture is definable as the behavior adopted by the employees in executing their activities. Culture ensures cooperation among the employees. This is attributed to the presence of the shared values among the employees and organizations. Additionally, culture aids the management in making decisions related to the management of operations within the organizations. As stated by Bouwman (2005) organizational culture benefits organization in other ways such as enhancing communication, commitment, perception on tasks undertaking, and the adoption of a justified behavior by the employees. Consequently, this contributes to the improvement in the performance and operations management.
However, with the rising competition among the hospitality industries involved in luxury services provision, there is a great need for the adoption of technology to enhance the management of operations within these organizations. This is realizable through the adoption of the principles from the technology adoption. Technology adoption theory enables these organizations appreciate the anticipated changes and resistance associated with the adoption of the technology. For example, the organizations involved in luxury services provision appreciate the perceived benefits and perceived ease of using the technology thereby embracing the necessary measures required for the successful adoption of the technology. Moreover, these organizations understand the different requirements needed in each of the technology adoption cycle (Bouwman, 2005).
Therefore, combining the benefits associated with the develo...
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