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Scholarly Activity 1: Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)

Obtain a copy of an agency\\\'s budget and the agency\\\'s mission statement. Keeping in mind the mission and research that you have about the agency, identify a change, which you think would improve the agency\\\'s effectiveness and help it to obtain its mission. The total for the proposal cannot exceed $1,000,000. Write a proposal that includes the following information about the agency and the proposal. 1. Agency Name 2. Proposal Name 3. Identified Need-Demonstrate the need for the proposal 4. Description- Explain how the program would function when implemented 5. First Year Cost(with detailed explanations) 6. Future Year Costs(FY 2 to FY 5) 7. Measure of Success 8. Required Changes source..
Scholarly Activity 1: Proposal [Name] [Course Title] [University] [Instructor Name] [Date] Scholarly Activity 1: Proposal The agency for which the proposal is being presented is United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The name of the proposal is ‘Research & Development Investment in Recycling’. The mission statement of the agency is ‘to protect human health and environment’. This mission statement includes a number of aspects such as; monitoring the global environment change, safety and cleanliness of water, preservation and restoration of land, healthy ecosystems and environmental stewardship. One of the functions of this agency is to monitor the hazardous waste produced by humans and to increase recycling. The need for ...
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