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William Blackstone and US Foreign Policy (Research Paper Sample)


Please follow instructions and grading rubric very thoroughly and carefully. Make sure this assignment has an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion (use proper formatting and headings). Must be formatted in (strict) current Turabian guidelines and include a title and a bibliography page. Make sure to include (correct) page numbers for references. NO PLAGIARISM as I will check if it is OR not. DO NOT COPY INFORMATION THAT YOU FIND ONLINE; THOSE ARE NOT APPROPRIATE (as I will check if the research paper is copy from other sources or not). THIS MUST BE AN ORIGINAL, CUSTOM written research paper over William E. Blackstone, an American figure. Remember, this is a graduate (Master’s) level assignment, so make sure that it is – Graduate level academic writing on this assignment is very important. AGAIN, PLEASE REVIEW THE UPLOADED FILES THAT IS FULL OF INSTRUCTIONS AND THE GRADING RUBRIC.


641: Research Paper 01: William Blackstone and U.S foreign policy
William E. Blackstone was the most vocal dispensationalist who advocated the establishment of a Jewish state. Blackstone’s views inspired the Christian Zionists who support the state of Israel by highlighting on the Judeo-Christian ties. As such, both Christian Zionists and dispensationalists advocate pro-Zionist ideology based on the idea that the restoration of Israel has a Biblical basis. Theological perspectives are no longer the main focus of American foreign policy in the Middle East, while American public opinions have a favorable view about Israel. This paper provides a biographical view of William E. Blackstone, his support for Jewish restorationist theology and its influence as well as the on U.S foreign policy in the Middle East and Israel.
Biographical overview of William E. Blackstone
Blackstone was one of the first Christian ministries to advocate for Jewish restoration, in Palestine offering financial support while using political activism to ensure a Jewish homeland was established. Additionally, Blackstone’s William Blackstone’s most notable contribution was to highlight the plight of Jews suffering oppression in Russia and Eastern Europe. Blackstone petitioned President Harrison, to consider the return of Jews to Israel and ‘Blackstone Memorial’ then his first petition. Blackstone further urged Jewish leaders to adopt Palestine as a location for the state of Israel as there would be political support from Christians in the West.
William E. Blackstone and impact on U.S. foreign policy toward the Middle East
Blackstone’s legacy and impact on U.S. was gradual, beginning with his calls for a change in public policy with regard to the establishment of the Jewish Homeland. To begin with the ardent supporters of his policies were the Zionists. Blackstone did not abandon his ambitions of evangelizing and continued supporting dispensationalism in America and abroad. Dispensationalism provided a basis for support to the Jewish people in the U.S., and a solid political base emerged over time fusing both religious sentiments with political undertones. It is unlikely that Zionism would receive support without first appealing to Dispensationalism. Zionism goals have a broad support among Americans, after having gained wide acceptance among the religious right.
Blackstone laid a political foundation of Zionism and the restorationist tradition. Since politics influences foreign policy, Blackstone led to a surge in support of Zionist. As such, the foreign policy of America has focused on the strategic place of Israel in the Middle East. Strategic deliberations of the U.S in the Middle East have tended to focus less on the religious sentiments of the early Zionists including Blackstone, but more on the mutual benefits of the alliance. To further highlight the place of Israel in America’s foreign policy was the granting of full diplomatic privileges following the establishment of the state of Israel.
The publicity generated by the Blackstone Memorial may have influenced the political discourse in America, and this resulted in more influence of Zionist efforts in the U.S. Despite Blackstone’s mixed success in the reign of other presidents other than Harrison, it is noteworthy that he was embraced by Jewish leaders and influenced Jewish-Christian relations. The Blackstone Memorial had little success in influencing diplomatic relations, but it also galvanized Americans who became interest on the question of Jews. Through petitioning those in power, Blackstone demonstrated that such efforts can influence policies. The growing strength of the Israel Lobby in influencing America’ foreign policy in the Middle East demonst...
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