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POLS311 Assignment: Political Parties And Interest Groups (Research Paper Sample)


Your research paper should be about 10 pages (cover page and bibliography excluded), Turabian/Chicago format.


Political Science
POLS311- Political Parties and interest groups
Interest groups organize to rally support for specific policies and interest and depending on the administration in power some groups are more successful other others. Interest groups are the organizations of people with a shared common goal who unite to influence the public policy decisions. Republicans and Democrats have different preferred policies because of the differences in ideology and worldviews, which determines how they prioritize policies and believe that certain priorities are important than others. Special interest groups like those focusing on gun rights, the economy, and LGBT have evolved over time, but the foreign policy interest groups continue being one of the most prominent as there are competing interests to influence the domestic and foreign policy process. Nonetheless, it is easier to influence the domestic policy as this is what affects the people directly even as there has been success in affecting trade, foreign investment and even containing communism over years. Even as the public and the media influence policy direction, interest groups are more actively engaged with legislators and policy makers to influence changes directly. The research question is what affects the effectiveness of interest groups in influencing policy decisions and outcomes in the U.S.?
Relevance of interest groups
There are different types of interest groups, economic interest groups, think tanks, public interest groups or citizen action groups, single-issue groups, government units, non-member groups and ad

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