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Literature Review: Policy Findings Report (Research Paper Sample)


This is a Literature Review, in which you must be able to to interpret and communicate research findings. In order to assess whether or not you are able to interpret and communicate research findings, you must complete an assignment that requires you to do just that— interpret and communicate. *** Remember, in this Literature Review, you’re interpreting research findings for a decision maker … the goal is to make it as easy as possible for them, with as much information as they need. You will use the 16 articles that you found for your Annotated Bibliography, and you will report on and synthesize the findings of these articles into a paper of 3-FULL pages. This is not a summary of the findings (you have already summarized the articles); this is a synthesis. If you have questions about literature reviews, go back to the course readings and course presentations on literature reviews. This is similar to the Article Interpretations that you have already written for this course; however, in this assignment, you are blending at least 16 articles (of which there must be a mix of qualitative and quantitative articles) into a findings report. Therefore, in this assignment, you will focus on the findings of the articles. This assignment must be formatted in current Turabian style. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE, as I will check if it is or not.
The instructions documents has further information on what is needed in this Literature Review along with the grading rubric. Follow these instructions and grading rubric very thoroughly and carefully to ensure this paper is written correctly.
ALL 16 sources have been provided.


Literature Review: Policy Findings Report
There has been intense debated on the impact of raising the minimum wage on unemployment. A review of literature highlights on two opposing arguments on this phenomenon, where raising the minimum wage level is reported to increase unemployment. On the other hand, supporters of raising the minimum wage suppose that it would raise the income levels of the working poor, and has the potential to reduce poverty levels. However, it is also likely that a minimum wage rise would only have modest effects on unemployment resulting to a slight increase or decrease in unemployment or no change at all. This is a literature review discussion highlighting on the three possible scenarios.
Effects of Wage Rise on Unemployment and Poverty
Wage Rise and Higher Unemployment Argument
Even though, conventional wisdom supposes that raising the minimum wage reduces unemployment in the long-term it may also increase unemployment. Ina study highlighting on the effect of lagged time effect, the authors found out that the lagged wage variable influences the unemployment income as it has a negative effect . The researchers relied on an empirical model that covered different wage levels across diverse states, with main focus on long term unemployment. A modest negative impact of wage increase on employment is also supported by other research, especially those which rely on sensitivity analysis. As such, policy makers need to take into account the magnitude of wage increases, since a minimum age increase may leave lowly paid workers worse off.
Wage Rise as a Social Policy
Even though, the policy of wage increase has garnered interest, there is still no consensus on its impact on employment. In a study research to assess the impact of a minimum wage of $ 9.50 on the poor, the authors point out that the wage level may be inadequate to improve their social status. As such using the fixed effects model assuming poverty is the dependent variable with the federal minimum wage rate and unemployment as independent variables help to illustrate the effect of minimum wage increase on poverty levels. In essence, changes resulting to widespread adoption of higher wage increase are adopted in specific industries there is an increase in labor cost, but the wage rise is also a disincentive for employers to hire more people. Nonetheless, a rise in prices of products or services charged for industries would then result to a slight increase in employment.
The Effect of Job Transitioning and Family Income Distribution
An increase in minimum wages has a more profound impact on poor people and their families, as it reduces the share of income spent on consumption. In particular, those living near the poverty line are in a better position if the minimum wage is raised. Estimates on minimum wage effects may fail to account for family transitions in and out of poverty, but previous studies suggest that they are potentially useful to understand the relationship between minimum wage increase and poverty levels. The authors then rely on multinomial logit models for estimation to account for differences across distribution of family income to needs.
Effects Wage Rise Taking Into Account Income Sharing
The income sharing aspect affects the impact of a minimum wage increase elastic demand for labor as well as the depth of poverty may either increase or decrease poverty levels depending on the prevailing labor market conditions as shown by the use of the labor market labor. Taking into account that people in poor households have lower participation rates in the labor market, the study shows that that a rise in minimum wage may also benefit middle income households. As such, in the Australian context where minimum wages are higher compa...
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