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Blackstone Influence American Political Philosophy (Research Paper Sample)


The papers must each be 1 page long (not including the title page and bibliography), in current Turabian format, with default margins and in 12-pt Times New Roman font. Your papers must include citations to adequate sources supporting and/or illustrating your positions. Your papers must include a title page and bibliography, also in current Turabian format.
Do not let the short length requirement of the papers mislead you. Concise writing is often more demanding than expansive writing. The goal of the papers is not merely to offer unfounded opinion or subjective discussion of the topics, but rather to provide a concise, well-reasoned analysis of the topics presented.
This is an open research project, meaning that you are expected to locate, use, and cite support outside of the course readings. Superficiality is a danger with this topic as it would be easy to write 2 pages without reaching the substance of the discussion. Better papers will demonstrate that you sufficiently pondered the ideas at issue to understand them, recognize them, and develop a well-reasoned approach to them.
Be sure to read closely the grading rubric for the assignment and note that at least 5 scholarly sources (peer-reviewed academic journal articles or books published by university presses) are required.
Scriptural excerpts with citations are required in all written assignments.
For Short Research Paper 2,
answer the following questions:
“How did the writings of Blackstone influence American Political Philosophy, and what evidence for this influence is seen in Tocqueville's observations of American political life?”
Be sure to include some excerpts from the writings of Blackstone and Alexis De Tocqueville in the course text with references.
Also, include some excerpts from the writings of the American Founders, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Federalist Papers.
Mandatory Reference:
Strauss, Leo, and Joseph Cropsey. History of political philosophy. Chicago: The University
of Chicago Press, 1987.


Writings of Blackstone and the American Political Philosophy
The writings of Blackstone were majorly focused on the declaration of independence and the constitution which form the basis of American political philosophy. This idea as it ought to shape the political philosophy in both the past and present seem not to be adhered to by most politicians in the American society (Leo, and Cropsey 1987). Sir William Blackstone noted that true political philosophy should value natural law as elaborated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
Blackstone identified natural law as a voice of reason and it is dictated by God and bind on all men. He noted, “…But we are not from thence to conclude that the knowledge of these truths was attainable by reason, in its present corrupted state since we find that, until they were revealed, they were hiding from the wisdom of the ages”. Thomas Jefferson in his declaration of independence affirmed this by saying, “law of nature and of nature's God”. He understood that the law of nature is the will of God that is observed in all creation and that the law of God's nature is His divine law that is found in the scriptures.[The United States, and Thomas Jefferson. The declaration of independence. Encyclopedia Britannica, 1952.]
Separately, the writings reveal of Blackstone reveals the nature of rights whereby some rights are unalienable since they form part of the human nature hence the governments have to protect these rights in men. This is indicated in the Declaration of Independence where it states that "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men a

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