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How did the Industrial Revolution Change and Redefine the World? (Research Paper Sample)


Written Assignment/Essay:
The essay due at the end of the course must follow these criteria:
-Times New Roman, 12 Font
-1000 word minimum
-Written in Microsoft Word 97 or newer format
-The grade will be broken down as follows: 10% for format, 15% for grammar/spelling, and 75% for content.
Topic: How did the Industrial Revolution change and redefine the world?
The essay is a research essay and thus requires a MINIMUM of three outside sources that will approved by me via email by mid-semester. This essay requires a Works Cited page/Bibliography and cited footnotes following Turabian’s format. Found here:


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The industrial revolution was a period characterized with technological, socioeconomic and cultural changes, witnessed in the entire world during the late 18th and 19th century. During the period, there was a shift in production from household to industries, replacement of muscle, wind, water, and power with other sources of energy, which applied to power machines to aid in the production of goods and services. The industrial revolution phenomenon began in Britain with the mechanization of the textile industry, the development of a money economy, emergence of factory systems, increased trade and the invention of new markets. Industrial revolution was rapid; thus, by the 19th century, America and Western Europe did witness and experience the phenomenon. The drivers of the industrial revolution were complex and the same have remained debatable. Historically, industrial revolution was perceived as an outgrowth of the social and institutional changes, which emerged at the end of feudalism in Britain after the end of the English civil war during the 17th century. The colonial expansion during the 17th century together with the growth of international trade resulted in the creation of financial markets and capital accumulation did contribute to industrial revolution.[1. More, Charles, Understanding the Industrial Revolution, (London: Routledge)]
The word industry means economic activity, which involves the processing of raw materials and manufacturing of goods and services in industries/factories. On the other hand, industrialization is a process involving change from manual labor to the utilization of machines in the provision of labor. As such, industrialization was a shift from an agrarian based economy where the main product was food, to an economy where the main product became services and manufacturing. Revolution, on the other hand, involves forcible or sudden overthrow of a dominant social order for another system or order. Therefore, industrial revolution is a period characterized by fundamental and sudden changes in agriculture, textile, metal, transport and the entire social structure.[2. Ross, Stewart, The industrial revolution, (London: Evans Brothers Limited)]
Consequences of Industrial Revolution
Industrialization promoted urban migration. Many people moved from rural areas to the cities. Due to such movements, there were disruptions in the family life. Most workers found themselves living in slums, which predisposed them to harsh labor conditions. While some workers adapted to the harsh working conditions, others resisted, but neither could slow down the industrial revolution. For the middle class people, women took up duties as domestic homemakers and children were exposed to education. In addition, the industrial revolution changed the way people did business. With the invention of machines that replaced h...
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