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Indigenous People in North America (Inuit and Haudenosaunee) (Research Paper Sample)


Research Essay
Similarities and Difference within Indigenious Spirituality
choose two groups of indigenous people in North America, for example Inuit and Odawa, but you can choose random other two groups as long as it is indigenous people in North America and has enough documents about it
Choose three of the aspects of Worldview as found in your textbook on pgs. 8-12. Studying two different Indigenious people of North America, explain how these three aspects of worldview compare and contrast. What similarities can be found in their beliefs? What differences exist? Your essay is meant to be an analysis of these aspects of worldview. Show that you understand what worldview is, and how to identify aspects of worldview in sacred stories and spiritual practices. You will need to cite your research intext using parenthetical referencing. (Penny,2000)
1. Pick two Indigenous peoples to study
2. Pick three aspects of worldview you want to focus your study on
3. Write a paragraph comparing the beliefs of each of the two chosen Indigenous peoples. One paragraph for each of the three aspects of worldview you wanted to focus on for a total of three paragraphs. The content of textbook page 8-12 is absolute,the world,human,community and ethics, rituals and symbols,problem for human,solution for human,Life after death,Interpretation to history and relationships with other religions
Parenthetical referencing is like(Writer,2000) (Smith,2000)
please do some research before writing..plz


Differences or Similarities of Two Groups: Indigenous People in North America (Inuit and Haudenosaunee)
Institutional Affiliation
Differences or Similarities of Two Groups: Indigenous People in North America (Inuit and Haudenosaunee)
Unlike the Western worldviews that are scientific, skeptic, and often requiring proof as a basis of belief, the Indigenous worldviews are based on the spiritual world and beliefs. Worldviews define how persons or groups interact with their world, including other people, animals, and the environment. Each society has its own worldview and societies tend to pass on their worldviews to younger generations for continuity. The root of such disparities between the worldviews is that they subscribe to different approaches to connectedness, knowledge, and science (Indigenous Corporate Training, 2020). Usually, indigenous cultures will focus on a holistic view of the whole, which emerged from the millennium of the experiences and existence. On the other hand, traditional Western worldviews are more interested in science and compartmentalized knowledge to understand the bigger picture. Interestingly, these worldviews differ across different groups that seem to share common beliefs and values. While both are indigenous people in North America, the Inuit and Haudenosaunee or the Iroquois people have differing opinions in regards to life after death, the problems with humans, and rituals and symbols in religion.

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