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Schizophrenia Most Severe Debilitating Of All Psychological Disorders (Research Paper Sample)


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Why schizophrenia the most severe and debilitating of all psychological disorders
Schizophrenia is characterized by delusions, hallucinations, trouble with thinking and concentration. This disorder is not treatable though it is manageable through various medical procedures. Schizophrenic person is unable to make informed decisions about themselves or the people around them and thus they pose danger to themselves or other people.
Two common symptoms of schizophrenia
If these symptoms are observed for more than 30 days, a person can be confirmed to be suffering from schizophrenia. The two main symptoms are; Hallucinations and delusions.
Three positive symptoms of schizophrenia
Positive effects of schizophrenia include the feelings or behaviors that are usually not present. The three main positive symptoms of the disorder are; first, delusions. This involves believing that what other people are saying is not true. Secondly, Hallucinations; smelling, tasting, hearing or experiencing thing that other people do not experience. Thirdly, disorganized speech which is characterized by incomprehensible statements and incoherent sentences.
Negative effects of schizophrenia
The lack of feelings or behaviors that are otherwise present amounts to negative effects of schizophrenia. They include; losing interest in everyday activities that are considered normal and necessary for decency such as bathing, grooming or getting dressed. Reduced ability to experience pleasure is a strong signal of the disorder. Lack of apathy and feelings to other people or showing inappropriate feelings in certain situations. Be

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