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The Importance of Freedom of Speech and Expression (Research Paper Sample)


It has to have three resource/research with quote from each research. I would like it to be about freedom of expression because I believe we should express our self who ever we like as a person due to me loving makeup and I know once it wasn't acceptable. Needs evidence or proof in research. It also need ethical and ethos. Please read the attachment that my teacher is expecting. Nothing negative I'm very passion of other people feeling. I do come from a family background of protestant who do don't believe woman should wear pants or makeup but I do not believe in that nor follow those things. this is why it is important to me.


The Importance of Freedom of Speech and Expression
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The Importance of Freedom of Speech and Expression
Humans as rational beings can do many things. However, in civil society, their desires are controlled and regulated to ensure the exercise of similar desires by other people. There are various human rights that are necessary for the existence of humans. The freedom of speech and expression remains a fundamental human right. Without this right, it is not possible for a society to progress. The ability of the members of society to express themselves enhances the functioning of society. A closed society with time becomes an autocracy where corruption and other evils thrive.
Freedom of speech and expression implies the right of individuals to express their convictions and opinions freely. They can do this through writing, pictures, the words of mouth and any other method that they desire. The free propagation of ideas is necessary to ensure the free flow of information in a society. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the freedom of expression (Sedler, 2006). It also outlines instances where the same right may be restricted for instance in child pornography, fraud, and speech that causes lawless action among others. As long as individuals operate within the provisions of the law, they should be able to exercise this fundamental right.
People should be free to express themselves even in their mode of d

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