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Golf Exercise, Background, History, Risk, Benefits (Research Paper Sample)


Content write about golf exercise of background,history, recommended,risk, benefits, why you choose it


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It is not enough to know the game. Mastering an array of arts is also necessary for playing golf. Using a club, a skilled golfer is expected to hit a golf ball into a hole. Different distances, hazards, hovel lengths, green conditions, hole locations, landscape, and plans present the challenges to the golfer. The holes are graded on the based on how many shots the golfer should hit the ball into the holes. It is necessary to adopt smooth swing mechanics to play golf skillfully.
Wisdom has it that practice makes perfect. Polishing up golfing skills requires basic knowledge of how to make golf swings. Emphasis is placed on practicing using a 6 or 7 iron club to improve accuracy and add distance as well. Flexibility, ability to adopt different golf scenarios, is also a necessary skill in golf. A player who can use various clubs from different distances is often awarded an ovation.
Background of Golf
Golfing dates back to 1353 in the Netherlands and Scotland (Williams, 1988). The game was first played in France, where it was recognized as chole. It began as a game in which one hits a ball with a rod although they are on the move; walking. Several historians, however, state that golf was nurtured and evolved in Scotland. These historians base their arguments on the Scottish Acts of Parliament and two paintings that depicted four men and two cartons golfing in the Scottish coastland. The first female golfer, Mary, was a reigning queen in Scotland. As such, golfing was for the royalties while the peasants did hockey, a game that closely resembles golfing. By then, golfing's primary purpose was preserving the crust in the society.
The History of Golf
Golfing is endowed with a series of events since its beginning since the early 14th century. From its inception in France and probably Scotland, the King James IV prohibition among Scots in 1491, the development of golfers' associations across Europe, for instance, Blackhealth Golfers in 1787 among other events. The inclusion of golf in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games was a milestone in the globalization of the game.
Recommendations for Golfers
Golfing entails long periods of low-intensity movements, including walking, with intersperses of frequent bursts of high-intensity bustle. For this reason, it is recommended that golfers take golf-specific exercises to attain physical fitness and to maintain the momentum while golfing (Luscombe, Murray,

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