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Research Paper Global warming (Myth/Reality) (Research Paper Sample)

The Research Project is a separate project for each student, in which the student researches a topic on the web and produces a report based on their research. Assignment: Each student will choose one topic, either from the following list or something they have a particular interest in. Several students will probably choose the same topic, but the work must be independent. Students will submit the assignment through the Blackboard assignment submission system. It must be at least 1000 words long. Submit it as either a Microsoft Word (*.doc, *.docx), rich text (*.rtf), or plain text file (*.txt). At the end of the report, there must be a section for works cited, and a minimum of three references must be included. Sample Topics: Effects of quantitative easing on food prices. Global warming – myth or reality. Debt and the Austrian School. The Dow Theory and Stock Values. Cloud Computing – Insecure convenience? Personal encryption – should we permit it? Cellular telephones – essential tool or infernal devices? source..
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Global warming (Myth/Reality)
Global warming is an increase in average temperatures of the atmosphere above the earth causing climate change. Global warming is a reality and not a myth. Rivers are drying up, the polar ice is melting away and new deserts are being created ( Para3). Global warming is the challenging and complicated issues in the eyes of leaders. Global warming is threatening to wipe away life on earth if it is kept unwatched (Mohr Para3).
Main body
Warnings are evident from the scientific bodies. The scientists are posing dangers on the human-greenhouse gases increased effect (Mohr Para 4). Greenhouse gases have been related to the greenhouse effect by absorbing the infrared radiation. Greenhouse gases are caused by the burning of fossil fuels and the dilapidation of forests ( Para 2).
The global carbon emission of greenhouse gases has reached an alarming rate. Carbon dioxide gas emissions have reached to a level that is unaccepted according to the scientist community (Mohr Para 6). The year two thousand and ten indicated immense production of carbon dioxide. Global carbon project indicated that carbon dioxide rose by five point nine percent. This was also noted by the scientific bodies in major parts of the world ( Para 5).
The concerns over the ever rising levels of carbon dioxide have made governments to impose regulations on the amount of carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere. Several climate changes are expected to influence human life in the decades to come. Global warming is calling a collaborative solution from all the countries in the world in resolving this critical issue ( Para 6). This involves the political bodies, economic aspects and the technological aspects. Countries have the responsibility of reducing the global emissions. This has not been easy considering the economic meltdown experienced by many countries.
United Nations has taken up the responsibility of holding talks on global warming. This has been ongoing for almost two decades now. There is an international treaty on global warming named United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The treaty has been adopted and signed by one hundred and ninety four countries (Mohr Para 7). The treaty is endeavored to create awareness to all the countries of the world on the need of conserving our environment. This treaty is considered to have an impact on the global climate change.
The conferences and the principles are guided by the necessity to conserve the climate. The principles guided by the United Nations are operated by consensus. The body has been credited with creating policies that govern the world climate (Mohr Para 8). The participating nations arrive to an agreement on the best way to reduce the effects of the global warming.
There have been controversies and conflicts on the best way of handling global warming. Countries have devised their own ways of reducing the carbon emissions ( Para 9). The challenge arises when the industrialized countries are blamed to contribute heavily to global warming than the developing countries. Developing countries emit far less carbon as compared to the industrialize...
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