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Women's Rules in China in the 1800s (Research Paper Sample)


It is not necessarily a writing assignment. The paper is already finished except the introduction. So please read the essay and write the intro part only. Thank you.


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Women's Rules in China in the 1800s
The status of women all over the world is a cause for serious concern. When it comes to implementing laws in countries like the United States, Canada, England, China and others, women's rights are often ignored considering that they are to live under the supervision of their partners, so they don't necessarily need anything extraordinary. This concept has given rise to various conflicts. For instance, the states where women are not free to get educated or look for jobs don't progress as rapidly as the countries where men and women are considered equal. Although women's rights in China, Britain and America are entirely manifest and to be celebrated, some ladies have yet to benefit. It looks like even those developed states have failed to provide women with all basic rights.
Sometimes parents force their daughters to get married soon as they cannot afford to pay their college or university fees, and that they want to support their sons financially for a long-term. Not only the developing countries but also developed and powerful states have fewer policies and rules and regulations that favor women. It's safe to say that we live in a male-dominating society. Does that mean men will supervise women in all walks of life? When will the states realize that men and women are equal and should be provided with equal opportunities? It deems to be impossible in coming months because some male-dominating societies don't even consider it necessary and pretend that giving women their rights means allowing them to create a mess for their male partners. One cause for concern is even more intangible: how women can save themselves from being raped. Unfortunately, the eagerness for change has been slow.
The novel Snow Flower and The Secret Fan is composed by Lisa See which had occurred in China in the 1800s. Lisa See had expounded on the young lady's life in China when young ladies were having their feet bound, and afterward, they used to spend whatever is left of their lives in seclusion with just a single window through which they can see. Lily is a major character and the main individual relater of her biography. She was conceived in early 1823. Having been in China amid the 1800s and into the early 1900s, Lily had got the experience of a great deal of Chinese history.
Foot binding was related to the joy quarters and with ladies' endeavors to decorate themselves. Moms bound the feet of young ladies matured five to eight. The objective was to shield their feet from developing and to twist the four little toes under to make the foot limited and angled. The training spread bit by bit amid Song times yet likely remained to a great extent a first-class rehearse. It turned out to be to a great degree normal in the north and focal China, in the end spreading to all classes. Ladies with bound feet were less versatile than ladies with common feet, yet just the individuals who could manage the cost of hirelings bound their feet so tight that strolling was troublesome. It turned into an image of the subordinate part of ladies in China and a sign of womanliness and magnificence, refinement and qualification. At long last, the bound foot turned out to be broadly acknowledged as a wellspring of suggestive delight to the male and soon went up against the measurements of national foot fetishism.
They were kept uneducated and confined. They were not anticipated to think or to be aesthetic and to have feelings. The antiquated Chinese did not think it was vital to teach ladies. Ladies likewise did not hone predecessor venerate as once they wedded their loyalties would lie with the groups of their spouses. Progenitor venerate was imperative to men as they stayed faithful to one family. Ladi...

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